WWE Raw: Money in the Bank Is the Perfect Time for Kharma to Return

Mark PirieCorrespondent IJune 29, 2012


Everyone knows who Kharma is. Everyone chants her name during Divas matches. Everyone is desperate to see her dominate the division.

Despite Kharma's well-documented loss of her child, she has been out of action for several months through no fault of her own. However, the WWE Diva appears to be nearing a return to action, and with Money in the Bank fast approaching, her return cannot come soon enough.

Since Kharma left, there have been halfhearted attempts to build some stable and suitable competition (such as the Divas of Doom).

However, the steps backward were too huge. Replacing the TV time Kharma should have had were promos such as Natalya's farting gimmick—that only served to mock the division.

We are now stuck with Layla and Beth Phoenix—the only two Divas believable enough to hold the title—in a never-ending feud with no buildup surrounding it.

For the sake of the Divas division, Kharma needs to return.

I also feel Kharma's return would help to build AJ's character.

This may seem random, but as AJ plays the tormented "crazy chick," it all looks set to come to a head at Money in the Bank in the Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk match.

In what should be the pay-per-view's main event, the cackling laughter of Kharma's entrance music should be heard throughout the arena during the match.

She should then come down the ramp and scare off AJ. This would start all kinds of angles for Kharma with AJ. For example, it is not too far of a stretch to refer to the laughter of Kharma's entrance music as "the laughter in her head."

This feud would build AJ's character further and make sense with her current insanity gimmick. It would also build Kharma immediately by having her face arguably the top Diva.

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