WWE News: Kurt Angle Blasts Major WWE Stars on Twitter; Is He the Best Ever?

Voodoo MagicSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2012

Is this man the greatest ever?
Is this man the greatest ever?John Sciulli/Getty Images

According to Wrestlezone, current TNA (and former WWE) star Kurt Angle recently posted the following on Twitter:

"I Whipped Robbie E in 40 Seconds. I'm The Best In Wrestling today. Not Orton or Cena or CM Punk. I Am the Best. And I'm TNA!"

"I'm the Best Ever."

I don't know how beating Robbie E (who has talent but is not a top-flight guy) in 40 seconds makes Kurt Angle the best in wrestling today.  I certainly don't think he is better than CM Punk right now (maybe Cena and possibly Orton).  

Also, why did Angle decide to suddenly take a shot at WWE's top guys?  I know that he and many others in TNA like to do that, possibly to seem edgy, but whether it works or not (paging Voodoo Kin Mafia...) is another story.

But why now? Is this just him going a little crazy/being a little bitter at the way things ended with WWE? Or is he hinting a possible return one day (which I've heard rumors about as well).

Something else to consider, though, in this posting: "I'm the Best Ever."

Maybe he's not the best today, right now, but does Angle have a point?  Is his entire body of work better than those of anyone else?

He's always been phenomenal in the ring, and he can adapt to any style. His promos are always very good and often great. He was a believable champion and has always been great playing both the heel role and the babyface role.

Do you think that Angle really should be considered the greatest ever, or should he at least be in the top five? I don't know if he's better than Ric Flair (who did everything Angle did but longer), and I'd put him just below Shawn Michaels (though, I'd call it a close). But after that, who else is better overall than Angle?