How Georgia Will Win The 2009 SEC Title

Joshua HammondsCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

These are my ridiculously early 2009 Georgia Bulldogs Football prediction. Yes, I believe that Georgia will do better than most think. Last year, they had the big head and they couldn't handle the hype.

But this year, there will be no national media attention on hand in Athens. There will be no Bulldogs on the "front cover" of preseason magazines. There will be no mention of a "Blackout" or  talk of ,"can the Bulldogs really negotiate this years schedule?" The only thing that will be on the Bulldogs this year, is a big, huge chip on their shoulders. They are gonna be out to prove not only the media, the nation, and even its own fans wrong, but also they are out to prove to themselves that they can win.

But that is only the emotional standpoint of next season... lets look at the more realistic standpoint.

@ Oklahoma State (9/5)

I do believe that, UGA fan or not, I wouldn't want any other coach in the nation leading my team on the road than Mark Richt (aside from Jacksonville). Dawgs win big against OK State.

South Carolina (9/12)

Georgia will handle S. Carolina, though it will be close as always, this is in Athens and Georgia will remember what happen the last time UGA wasn't focused on the Gamecocks. With no Jasper Brinkley and having a felon thug in Stephen Garcia at QB....the Cocks will have no one to answer for UGA. Dawgs win 17-14

@ Arkansas (9/19)

The Razorbacks ranked 144th in ppg allowed in the NCAA, with 31.2 points allowed (not FBS). For those who don't know what that stat means, basically your local high school football team could score on Arkansas's Defense.

On the road, and even with a few injuries Georgia might have at this point in the season.....the Dawgs should have their Second Team Offense in by the 4th quarter. Dawgs will roll 35-7

Arizona State (9/26)

ASU will come into the loudest and most hostile environment they have ever seen. They will have nerves, anxiety, and revenge on the mind......but great teams can handle all those emotions, but this not traditionally even a good team.

With no QB, no RB, and no O line ( ASU will have to replace the whole line this year) they will have no answer to the Dawgs defense. Dawgs win by 2 TDs.

Louisiana State (10/3)

LSU comes to Athens riding a three game losing streak to the Dawgs.....UGA should be favored in this one, and probably will be.....and that could spell trouble for them. Talent for talent.....Georgia should win this game, but if history shows us, Georgia doesn't bode well with as the favorite....Dawgs lose this one close.

@Tennessee (10/10)

Again I say, this team will be more worried about how to keep Lane Kiffin's mouth shut than actually playing a game this season. Look for the Vols to play gimmick football this year, and that will only get you so far. Dawgs win this one, and if Kiffin doesn't shut his mouth, Coach Richt might not ease off the gas on this on. Dawgs win 28-10

@ Vanderbilt (10/17)

Vandy had a nice Cinderella story last season.....but the clock has struck midnight and the ball is over for the Commodores. Georgia will improve their record on the road in SEC stadiums. look for the Dawgs to come out slow and flat in this one...kicking many field goals, but the Dawgs eventually win this one 31-14.

@ Florida (10/31)

Ahhh yes......the Florida game, if this one hasn't mirrored a Ike and Tina relationship I don't know what would.

As I have said before, every win Georgia has had in 18 years as come by having the bye week. That will help Georgia tremendously, helping guys heal up the banged up injury, and helping with the play scheme against Florida.I believe that Richt wants this game more than anything......he will remind them of the Butt Whipping the Gators gave them last year. The Dawgs always have the talent to match Florida, but its whoever has the edge this year that will come out victorious......Florida had it last year.The Dawgs will have it this year. Its Rocky versus Apollo, but this saga will end up like the sequel. Dawgs win a knockdown dragged out fight. Dawgs win 28-24 and gain control of the EAST.

Tennessee Tech (11/7)

...When this team plays against teams in the SEC they get killed, plain and simple. This should be a good game for Georgia to recover from the Florida game, and to get ready for Auburn the following week. Dawgs roll 42-10

Auburn (11/14)

Also is riding a losing streak against the Dawgs......but the difference between them and LSU is one team has a coach that has won a national championship, and the other has......Gene Chizik.Maybe Auburn will have a identity on Offense by week 10, but my guess is that it will take more than a season for the Auburn Tigers, War Eagles, and Plainsmen to buy into the Chizik experiment. Dawgs extend the winning streak. UGA wins by 17 @ home.

Kentucky (11/21)

The Wildcats are like night and day......they can beat you or the can just lay down and roll over. For the past couple of seasons I have been nervous every time the Dawgs play the Wildcats. They are so inconsistent with their play scheme. Georgia knows that with a win in Lexington they will have won the SEC EAST.....need anymore motivation? Georgia will beat Kentucky in a low scoring game, and win the SEC EAST crown for the first time in 3 seasons.

@ GA. Tech (11/28)

Thanksgiving weekend might mean turkey and stuffing to most of America, but in Georgia it only means one thing... "Clean Old Fashion Hate", the Georiga/Georgia Tech Weekend.Some would like to say that the win Tech had against Georgia last season has resurrected this rivalry.

I beg to differ......Tech's win last year broke a 7 game losing streak, but streaks eventually end. This will be the last game of the season for both teams. Last year will be on the minds of both teams.But Georgia will have more riding on this game than Tech will( a BCS bowl bid or, dare I say, National Champ Game bid).....Georgia will win in Atlanta and send the Nerd Herd back to their bio labs. Dawgs win 24-14.


Alabama (12/5)

Georgia will hopefully be coming into this game firing off on all cylinders, and with minimal injuries. They will need it coming up against a undefeated Alabama team vying for a National Championship Game berth. There should be a ton of emoitions on both sidelines.

Georgia will remember last year's "Blackout" that turned into a "Knockout" by the hands of Bama. Alabama will remember how close they came to getting a chance to hoist the crystal ball last year, but instead lost to the Gators in the SEC Champ game.It will be the well mannered Richt, versus the hot headed Saban. It will be Julio Jones against A.J. Green for the best WR in the country. It will be the Dawgs versus the Tide in the DOME. Georgia will be the underdog for sure, and they will embrace it.This game should be neck and neck by the final minutes of the Fourth Quarter with Georgia scoring the game winning field goal as the clock runs out. Dawgs beat the Tide 20-17 to win the 2009 SEC Championship.

Now these are just predictions and most predictions are and could be wrong, but this layout of the up coming season is not that far fetched. The Florida and LSU game is a toss up. Either way Georgia will be at worse 10-2. Georgia will have A.J. Green, Marlon Brown, Kris Durham lining up at WR (all of which are 6'4 or taller) also having a "Dark Horse" in Michael Moore(not the film marker) the Dawgs should handle most secondary's in the SEC .The Dawgs will use a running back by "committee" with Caleb King and Richard Samuel.They should form the Thunder (Samuel) and Lighting(King) combination that Georgia will need in order to compete in the SEC.

The Defense should be much improved with Jeff Owens coming back, Rennie Curran the best LB in the SEC by season end, and the Defensive end position should get a bigger boast with Demarcus Dobbs, and Justin Houston having more experience, also the return of Roddick Battle will be huge.

Unfortunately Georgia's secondary will still be the Achilles Heel of the Defense. Hopefully with the help of incoming Freshman Branden Smith possibility of playing early, the Secondary can improve a bit, but don't expect Georgia to be leading the SEC in interceptions and Passing Defense.

And lastly, Joe Cox.....ahh yes, Joe he Stafford, Shockley, or Greene?? No he isn't. He is not anywhere close to the athletic arm strength of Stafford, the speed of Shockley or the poise in the pocket of David Greene. But what the kid does have that, Joe T. never had was.....A) an accurate arm B) footwork C) deceptive speed  D) Knowledge and smarts of the game. Joe Cox will never be mentioned in the Heisman talks, he will never be consider a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th round Draft pick. He will not make the highlight reels on ESPN. The only thing that Joe Cox does have is the "will to win"....thats all the kid has ever known how to do. He will surprise and shock people.He will never put the Dawgs in the position to lose. He will lead Georgia to the EAST title in 2009, and I fully trust in Joe Cox. This Dawg fan, for sure, will be pouring some of that Joe Cox "Kool Aid" come September.


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