NBA Free Agents 2012: Delonte West Would Be a Great Addition to Chicago Bulls

Nick FarnsworthAnalyst IJuly 1, 2012

Delonte West could help fill the void for Derrick Rose
Delonte West could help fill the void for Derrick RoseBrett Deering/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls are going to need a point guard that can come in and run the offense until Derrick Rose fully recovers from the ACL tear he experienced in the first round of the playoffs. One of the names that has surfaced in the Chicago Bulls' search is free agent Delonte West. West may be the best option the Bulls have at not only helping to fill the void Derrick Rose creates while recovering, but also providing the team with strong bench performance when their MVP point guard returns to the court. 

Delonte West is one of my favorite point guards in the league, and I believe his court production tends to be underrated due to the off-court issues he has had over the years. West was able to average 9.6 points a game on 46.1 percent shooting last season while playing only 24.1 minutes per game. These stats would increase, as he is likely to play more minutes a game for the Bulls during the earlier part of the season, making him a very affordable option at point guard for the output he will provide. 

Similarly to Derrick Rose, West is often an attack-first point guard and prefers to look for his own shot before distributing it to his teammates. Although some may consider this to be a problem, his aggressiveness may actually allow the Bulls to play a style of basketball that they are used to. West can use his scoring ability to draw defenders to him as he attacks the paint, then kicking out to teammates that will find themselves in more favorable scoring positions. 

Defensively, the Bulls will be getting a very intense point guard that can use his speed and toughness to prevent opposing teams from getting into a consistent offensive rhythm. West can further help the team by improving on last seasons stats of 2.3 rebounds a game, 3.2 assists a game and 1.3 steals a game. He is also extremely efficient at the free-throw line by shooting 88.6 percent as well as providing a solid option behind the three-point line with 35.5 percent shooting.

West showed in Dallas that he is capable of focusing entirely on basketball and he may be looking to accept a lower-valued contract for a multi-year deal. He would be able to provide the offense at point guard the Bulls will need and would allow the team to not rely to heavily on relatively untested point guards like Marquis Teague.

Delonte West would be a great option to help fill the void that Derrick Rose will create, and when Rose returns, he will continue to be a very serviceable back up with a large amount of playoff experience. He seems to have his off-court issues under control, and the Bulls may be able to attain his services at a contract that provides the best performance for its value. As long as West is looking for a reasonable salary, the Bulls would be wise to entertain the idea of bringing the 28-year-old point guard to Chicago.