San Francisco Giants Out on Joe Crede: What This Means for the Minnesota Twins

E ASenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2009

News broke earlier today that the Giants do not expect to sign third baseman Joe Crede. This news is huge for the Minnesota Twins. Here's why:

A) There were two known suitors for Joe Crede, the San Francisco Giants and the Minnesota Twins. Now, the Giants are all but out of the race.

B) Joe Crede is a Scott Boras client. With only one team in the bidding for Crede, this reduces the leverage that Boras has over the Twins.

C) With Boras' leverage on the Twins all but gone unless another team jumps in on Crede, this means that they should not have to overpay for Crede.

What do these things really mean?

For one, the Twins can rest easy. Since the only other team in on the third baseman is out, the Twins can rest easy, and go through with signing Crede at their own pace. While I have been campaigning for the Twins to sign Crede all winter, they do have other options, so it won't be the end of the world if they don't sign Crede.

Also, with only one team in the running, this prevents Scott Boras from playing his games to run up a contract. He was able to do this with Teixeira, as all sorts of false reports of contract offers were leaked. However, his leverage is greatly reduced when only one team is in on his client.

If you don't believe me, look up Ramirez, Manny and Crede, Joe.

Since Boras won't be able to create false reports of this team offering x amount of dollars and that team offering y amount of dollars, the Twins won't be BSed into overpaying for an injury-plagued Crede.

On a side note, Boras says Crede is healthy. The last Boras client perceived as healthy before signing a big contract: Kevin Millwood.

Crede's, or Boras', rather, demands have really been going up. At first Crede was desiring a five million dollar contract. Now, Crede is looking for seven million, and also four million dollars worth of incentives to be tacked on.

However, Boras cannot come running back to the Twins saying "The Giants offered twelve million. What do you want to offer?" because there are no other teams. So, as long as the Twins can keep track of their contract offers and not get psyched out by Boras, they have the upper hand in the Crede negotiations.

Recently, the Twins and Crede have been far apart in negotiations. While Crede wants seven million guaranteed, the Twins have only been willing to offer up to eight million combined guaranteed and incentives.

Hopefully, with no market for Crede, Boras brings the money down, and accepts the Twins' respectable offer for Crede's services. Crede would bring great offense and defense to the Twins, and if he really proves as healthy as Boras hypes him up to be, Crede will get his payday next winter.

For as much as an evil genius Boras is, I'm honestly surprised he doesn't recognize this and for once opt for something practical.