Arsenal Transfer News: How Will the Latest Rumors Affect Arsene Wenger's Squad

Mike GoncalvesCorrespondent IIIJuly 6, 2012

Can the Arsenal manager keep things under control?
Can the Arsenal manager keep things under control?Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

For Arsenal fans, it seems that with every offseason comes unlimited amounts of internal drama. It almost seems that the media enjoys seeing Arsenal in crisis mode. With Robin van Persie announcing that he would not be extending his stay at Arsenal FC, the Gunners' board as well as the fans are extremely concerned.

With everything that is going on in the media outlets, it is somewhat concerning to see how this will affect the rest of the Arsenal squad. Newcomers Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud certainly were not expecting this when they put pen to paper. How is Arsenal's management going to deal with the van Persie dilemma as well as the latest rumors of Theo Walcott wanting out as well?

Arsene Wenger's Experience is Fundamental

Fortunately for Arsenal, they have the luxury of having one of the game's greatest managers. Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal long enough to know how to deal with these types of situations. While it has become a habit for some Arsenal player or players to be looking for a way out, Wenger continuously finds a way to take care of everything.

Looking at how everything has played thus far, it is more than clear that the problem is that Wenger is not allowed to spend much money. For some time now, Arsenal fans as well as all other neutral fans have given Wenger a hard time for buying young and inexperienced players, but now we know the truth.

The way that the last week or so has played out, many Arsenal players could be concerned for a number of reasons. Their captain and leading goal scorer not only disrespected Arsenal FC, but he also questioned Arsene Wenger. Not only did Wenger help turn van Persie into the world class player he is today, but he also never gave up on him after a number of lengthy injuries.

Podolski and Giroud Will Help Ease The Pain

Looking back at the start of last season, Arsenal fans will be hopeful not to have a repeat. With or without van Persie, Arsenal has their objectives and they will look to accomplish them. Realistically, nothing will change for Arsenal, other than they may have a new number 10, as well as a new captain.

Their style of play will remain the same, and if van Persie does in fact leave, they will now have to learn to play without him. Having Podolski and Giroud on their side will help facilitate that adjustment if it does come to that.

Podolski has a very good track record at the club level (112 goals in 291 appearances), as well as over 100 caps for Germany. The German international not only can play in the striker position, but he can also move out wide and play on the wing. His strength will be a good addition to an Arsenal side that gets criticized for being too soft at times.

Giroud, on the other hand, is coming off a stellar season at Montpelier where he lead the French Ligue 1 with 25 goals and 9 assists. Giroud not only can play the ball with his feet, but he also has the ability to cause problems in the air for opposing defenders.

Arsenal FC Continues With or Without Robin van Persie

All signs point to Arsenal having to sell van Persie, or else they will have to live with losing a significant amount of money next summer. While many wish they would make an example out of van Persie and make his final year miserable at Arsenal for the way he decided to go about things, keeping him this season would be a very poor business decision.

For so long, Arsenal has shown the football world how to run a top club from a business stand point, and not taking the money for van Persie now would go against everything they have preached up until now.

Wenger's leadership and expertise will be extremely important in the next month. Getting the rest of the Arsenal squad prepared and concentrated on the upcoming season will be vital.

If Arsenal is to start the season on a bad note, things could continue to go south from there. With billionaire Alisher Usmanov waiting in the wings to finally take over Arsenal's leading shareholder title, Stan Kroenke can't afford to have all the fans turn on him.

Will Arsenal's younger players be affected by all the negative media going around? Will the remainder of the squad be affected at all with the continuance or departure of RVP?