Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets Need to Reconcile

Harry KamdarContributor IIIJuly 6, 2012

Rick Nash—still with the Columbus Blue Jackets
Rick Nash—still with the Columbus Blue JacketsRichard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets need to reconcile and get back on the track of building a great team in Columbus.  The NHL Draft has come and gone and the free agency window has now been open for several days, but there have been no major developments in the Rick Nash saga. 

Whether Scott Howson, GM of the Blue Jackets, is asking for too much in return for Nash can be debated.  Here are three additional reasons why this divorce in the making must be halted.


Columbus cannot afford to lose Rick Nash

If Rick Nash is traded, then who is going to fill his shoes?  It has been frequently argued throughout the blogosphere that there is no practical way for Columbus to get a top-10 player for the only superstar that Columbus has ever had. 


Rick Nash cannot afford to lose his Captain's status

Should Rick Nash be traded, it is highly unlikely that he will ever be a captain of a team again.  His performance with the Blue Jackets has been stellar.  However, one cannot say the same about his ability to lead a team and be a vocal anchor, especially when the going gets rough.


New found appreciation in Columbus for Rick Nash

It is said that one does not appreciate what one has until it is taken away.  Such is the truth in Columbus, whereby the harsh realities of the last few weeks are starting to settle in on a disheartened fanbase. 

There will be no miracles happening in the way of a superstar heading this way with the departure of Rick Nash.  Basically, all of the potential deals that could happen would result in the Blue Jackets giving up too much. 

So, the fanbase could rally behind the one hero it has had, and the past can be forgotten and forgiven as it relates to Nash's request to be traded.

But can the Blue Jackets ownership and front office find enough humility to take this brave step?  The same can be said about Rick Nash.  Is Nash willing to change his mind and stay for the good of the franchise and his career?  The question becomes, "what will it take for Rick Nash to stay in Columbus?"