Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Results: Are Sonnen's Days as a Title Contender Over?

Mark PareCorrespondent IIJuly 8, 2012

It seems as if no matter what he does, Chael Sonnen  just can't get that win in the title fights.  He has talked a lot of trash towards Anderson Silva and once again, as much as he backed it up with a dominating performance, what counts in the end is whether or not you get your hand raised.

Sonnen has been through a lot in the last number of years, all the way back to when he was first calling out Silva and wanting a shot at UFC gold.

What can Sonnen do now?  He is still the closest man to defeat Silva in all of the champion's UFC bouts and now that goes for two fights.

The middleweight division is in a state of having new fighters emerge as big time threats. Silva has beaten out almost all the competition. It's so much that after every fight, a discussion of moving to 205 always comes into play.

We're here to talk about 185 and at that weight class, two men stand alone: Silva and Sonnen.

There are plenty of arguments that can go either way and a lot of those arguments are not only valid points, but facts that we've witnessed with out own eyes.

Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, and Sonnen will always be the most qualified contender to go for the belt.

The welterweight division was like this for a while, with Georges St. Pierre on top and Jon Fitch right below him.  No matter what Fitch did against the rest of the division, he just couldn't get it done with the title on the line.

Does Sonnen deserve one more shot?  Sure, a trilogy bout would do wonders in PPV buys and we would love to see if Sonnen can finally achieve his dream because he will not stop talking and acting until he does.

The fact remains that Sonnen made a huge error in judgement in going for a spinning back fist and it cost him.

At this immediate point, Sonnen should remain out of title talks and fight some of the guys coming up.

There's already a few names in mind that Sonnen can take on, including the fight that didn't happen with Mark Munoz, a bad blood bout against Brazilian Vitor Belfort, or even a battle against undefeated rising star Chris Weidman.

Silva, meanwhile, has some time to relax and wait.

Are Sonnen's title aspirations over for now?  What fight does Silva take next?  What do you think?


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