NBA Free-Agent Rumors: Boston Celtics in Hot Pursuit of Courtney Lee

Joshua Green@JoshuaGr33nContributor IIIJuly 8, 2012

Courtney Lee has a reason to be happy: he's a coveted player this summer.
Courtney Lee has a reason to be happy: he's a coveted player this summer.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Marc Stein broke the story that the Boston Celtics are seriously eyeing Courtney Lee after losing Ray Allen to the Heat.

Courtney Lee seems to be a hot commodity in this summer's free-agency frenzy with other teams, such as the Chicago BullsIndiana PacersDallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies, vying for him. Mark Stein reported in the aforementioned story:

The Celtics don't have the salary-cap space to sign Lee outright, but sources say the Rockets have let it be known that they're willing to participate in sign-and-trade deals with both Marcus Camby and Lee amid the increasing likelihood that neither of those coveted free agents will be returning to Houston.

The Celtics are already on the verge of signing veteran Jason Terry at the SG position, and they have breakout player Avery Bradley, who will recover by next season. This makes the pursuit of Lee a bit confusing, seeing as how it would be a very cluttered, albeit very deep, SG rotation.

Given the amount of teams interested in Lee, this may not happen. If it does, though, it would certainly show that the Celtics are not a dying franchise at all.  

UPDATE: Upon reviewing the picks held by each of the interested teams, the most attractive "draft pick package" belongs to Boston, which may be a crucial factor seeing as how Houston may be accumulating high draft picks to lure in Dwight Howard

Boston's picks: 

2013 second-round draft pick from Charlotte

2013 second-round draft pick from Minnesota

2014 second-round draft pick from Brooklyn

2015 second-round draft pick from Sacramento

2017 second-round draft pick from Sacramento