Denver Broncos name New this the guy?

Colin KeysContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

On Thursday the Denver Broncos announced the promotion of Brian Xander to the position of General Manager. Xander, who had worked for the Falcons prior to his time in Denver, had been a linebacker at Florida State, and holds Bachelors degree in Business Management and an MBA.

Is this the guy to lead the Broncos? I can say that this is not going to be an easy job for Xander.

That is why Big C is here to offer his services as a new Assistant GM to Mr. Xander. First here are a few of my ideas, if they work out then we can talk finances:

Item 1: Revamp the Defense.

Last season the Broncos has brought in their 6th defensive coordinator in as many seasons, and built a defense around speed. the result...a defense that was ranked in the bottom of most defensive statistics.

The defense needs to have an identity this season. Can anyone, other than a Broncos fan, name who plays on the Denver front seven? A defense that can't put pressure on the offense is going to get burned, and the Denver defense was beyond burnt last season.

Josh McDaniels already added one big item in to play for the defense. Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator will be a huge boost. There is a rumor going around that the Broncos will switch to a 3-4 this year, but before we can do that we need to do item 2.

Item 2: Sign a big name defensive free agent

Sign either Peppers, Haynesworth, Scott, or Lewis, I really don't care. Sign someone who will be a name for the fans to get behind and someone to be a leader on the defense. And no offense to Champ Bailey, but a corner should never be the heart of a defense.

Item 3: Draft for the defense first

This seasons draft has a lot of great defense players--I will go in depth about who I think the Broncos should look at next week--Draft for the defense, then we can add to the offense in the later rounds.

Item 4: Get a kicker

I don't think I need to explain this one anymore.

So if these items work, Mr. Xander, I can start as early as the day after the draft, I will be in front of the TV all weekend before that.