WWE: How I'm Hoping More Talent and Time Will Restore My Interest in the Product

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2012


I honestly can't say when the last time was that I actually turned on RAW and it kept my attention; I definitely can't say when the last time was that I turned on SmackDown at all. Why, you ask?

First, it's baseball season. When WWE goes up against baseball, baseball wins every single time. It's a lot a more dramatic and a hell of a lot more interesting, and I would probably switch to writing about that if I knew enough to sound intelligible.

Second, the WWE product flat-out sucks right now.

Let's start with the biggest storyline WWE has going at the moment, and the only one I've been paying any sort of attention to: the "love triangle" between CM Punk, AJ and Daniel Bryan.

Honestly, I wish this monster had died a long, long time ago.

It was total overkill throwing Kane into the mix—that was when I initially started to lose interest in the whole thing. But now that Kane has moved on the angle has become tiresome.

AJ's character isn't so much intriguing as it is just plain annoying. When she almost committed "table suicide" just to get the attention of Punk and Bryan it was the lowest of the low the WWE writers could have possibly gone. They ripped that scenario straight out of Twilight. I absolutely loathe Twilight.

Her character became even more ridiculous on this Monday's episode of RAW with her proposal to Punk. Although, I will say that I was satisfied with her reaction when he turned her down at the end of the program.

It appears that AJ has finally decided to stand on her own two feet, and I'm hoping beyond hope that by the end of Punk vs. Bryan at Money in the Bank, she will exit this storyline and move on to something else. Say, I don't know, the Divas division? Because I honestly can't take much more of her current direction.

Speaking of Money in the Bank, let's talk about WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. It is, for lack of a better term, complete bullshit that only former WWE Champions can compete for the contract this year.

The entire purpose of the Money in the Bank ladder matches is to create opportunity for those Superstars who haven't necessarily had opportunity before. It goes without saying that the stipulation of "former WWE Champions only" entirely defeats this purpose. Furthermore, it proves how little faith Vince has in the ability of his younger talent to carry—or even compete for—the WWE Title.

At this point I'm much more interested to see what happens in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. I want to see a fresh face holding a major title. I want to see fresh storylines.

However, where the WWE has recently lacked in storylines it has more than made up for in new talent acquisitions.

Three words: Sara Del Rey.

When I heard reports (F4WOnline, h/t Wrestling Inc.) that WWE had signed arguably the top independent woman wrestler in the world it was enough to restore my faith in sports entertainment.

WWE's developmental territory is bursting at the seams with true honest-to-God talent, and as a woman and a fan of women's wrestling I am very excited about the FCW Divas.

Britney Knight/Paige; Buggy Nova; Sofia Cortez; Shaul Guerrero/Raquel Diaz; and now Sara Del Rey. WWE finally seems to be getting it right and hiring trained, career wrestlers. I only hope that once RAW makes the move to three hours that the writers will grant more air time to the Divas. The talent is there, and I want to see some real women's wrestling.

But the girls aren't the only ones I'm excited about. Via the same source as above, WWE has signed British independent wrestler PAC, who certainly doesn't fit Vince's usual preference for beefed up workers. And of course the entire WWE Universe is anticipating the call-up of Seth Rollins, Kassius Ohno and Dean Ambrose to the main roster.

Again, I want fresh faces and fresh storylines, and thanks to the forthcoming three-hour format on Mondays and the addition of WWE Main Event on Wednesdays, I'm not as worried about new talent getting lost in the shuffle.

However, there is always the chance that WWE will simply give us more of what we're seeing now. Yes, Triple H is doing a good job as VP of Talent and Live Events; but his father-in-law still has the last word on everything that happens creatively.

In order to avoid sitting through three-plus hours of the same handful of Superstars and stale storylines every week, all we can do as fans is hope that Trips can convince Vince he knows what's right for the company

Until then, I'm highly disappointed and unsatisfied with WWE, but I'm not hopeless.