Triple H vs. Randy Orton at Mania!

George ButcherCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

Last night's Raw ended on a huge shocker, as Randy Orton RKO'd Stephenie McMahon and punted Shane in the head.

Like usual, Orton looked confused and realised the extent of his actions. As soon as he RKO'd Steph, Triple H came racing down to her aid and was extremely emotional over the situation.

Of course Orton had no choice but to cower away, which after seemed smart as Hunter was angry.

As Orton walked down the ramp, he looked back and HHH looked up at him crying and was very distraught of Orton's actions.

The show ended there, but I don't think its the end of the rivalry. Many have been wondering, which title will Orton fight for at Mania? Well you may have gotten your answer on Raw.

We can now imagine HHH will challenge Orton to a match at Mania.