NBA Free Agency 2012: The Golden State Warriors' Revised off-Season Game Plan

Scott Burns@Follow @ScottInTheBayCorrespondent IIIJuly 11, 2012

The Warriors were happy to free up Wright's salary.
The Warriors were happy to free up Wright's salary.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dorell Wright is now on the way to Philadelphia and the first step of the Warriors revised off-season game plan is complete.  The salary necessary to sign restricted free agent Brandon Rush is now available.

The above-referenced trade now looks to have increased to three teams according to Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area News Group, which would give the Dubs PG Jarrett Jack from the New Orleans Hornets as their backup PG and a guy who could run the show if Curry’s injury flares back up.

The Dubs will now look to have $3 million to use under the luxury tax threshold and makes them a legitimate player for the less attractive, but still quality free agents remaining.  With the signing of Rush at $5 million per annum, they will have room for one more position filler.

The Dubs will probably elect to use the $3 million to fill the remaining hole on the bench, the PF position. GM Bob Myers said they wouldn’t spend extravagantly, but they need to complete the roster. 

Dominic McGuire, who was considered to be a non-factor if the Dubs secured the services of Brandon Roy, is now back a potential option. He had played with Washington, Charlotte, and Sacramento before joining the Dubs last year, and is looking for a permanent home.


In order to sign McGuire and another big man, the Warriors will have to chose someone of the ilk of Nets' Shelden Williams, Portland's Shawne Williams, and even former Warrior Antawn Jamison.

Jamison can provide bench time, but he is at the end of his career and doesn’t have the strong body for a true PF.  He has the tweener body that was criticized when the Dubs went on a tweener drafting frenzy in the early 2000s. 

Carl Landry is also available as an underrated free agent who plays PF, but has been down trending as of late.  He made $9 million last year as a Hornet, and would have to accept a salary well below that.

The Dubs will have to maximize the money and spend wisely with the remaining funds.  Their payroll will be clogged for the short term by the contracts of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson.

However, the young foundation will really have a chance to grow when those contracts expire after the 2013-14 season.  The biggest problem will be next offseason when Stephen Curry becomes a restricted free agent.


The Warriors will have to find some wiggle room or be able to trade the final year of either Biedrins or Jefferson in order to afford Curry. His injury will lower his cost unless he doesn’t get hurt next season.  That will be next year’s off-season game plan.

Myers has set the Dubs up well for a big payoff in 2014 when the Dubs will have a solid foundation and it will be the first time that Golden State will be a legitimate attraction to marquee free agents. 

Until that time, Myers will have to use one or two-year deals to fill the hole and let the young players develop into stars.

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