Cristian Fittipaldi: From Horsepower To Wind Power

Tony CastaneiraAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2009

The problem with us “gearheads” is that we sometime can’t fathom that a racecar driver would have outside interests besides racing or race something without a motor 

Some would be aghast that a former Formula-1 driver would take up Yachting.

So for some it might come as a shock that and accomplished professional racer like Cristian Fittipaldi is getting ready for another race that involves no fuel or tires.
The F1, Champ Car, NASCAR and ALMS veteran is now the part owner of the first new M65 mini and has racing in its plans.

The Mini, or M65 mini, is the smallest of the Open Class, ocean-racing sailboats. They look and perform like miniature Open 60 monohulls used for the Vendée Globe Ocean Race which is not surprising as much of the technology and materials deployed on the big Open 60s, twin rudders, canting keels, water ballast, carbon fiber, was first developed and prototyped on Minis. Also many of the world’s top offshore racing skippers such as Ellen Macarthur, Michel Desjoyeaux and Loick Peyron, began their sailing careers in Minis. Minis are to Open 60s what go karts are to Formula One racing.

Cristian has ambitious plans and is serious about transitioning from fast cars to fast boats. He wants to start in a M65 mini and see how it goes.  He has announce plans to do the Bermuda 1-2, and also is planning to do the Ft. Lauderdale/Charleston Race in April, and Chicago/Mac Race in July in the new double-handed class.