Andrew Golota KOs Riddick Balls I Mean Bowe

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IFebruary 19, 2009

On July 11, 1996 an undefeated promising talented Heavyweight contender by the name of Andrew Golota was fighting former Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe in Madison Square Garden. Andrew Golota was on his way to a clear impressive dominating victory in this fight winning round after round. With this big win Golota would be slated next for a chance for the Heavyweight Championship belt.

Even though Golota was clearly and even easily winning the fight he still threw in a couple powerful low blows to Riddick's testicles just in case.

Everything seemed to be going Golota's way until about 1:50 of the seventh round. The ref deducts one point from Golota for another powerful solid clean punch to Bowe's groin.

Golota then behaves himself and continues to land almost at will to Riddicks face and body. Then about 30 seconds left in the round Golota lands a powerful left hook to the right testicle of Riddick Bowe flooring him and then suddenly all hell breaks lose.

There is a riot in the ring! Bowe's entourage storm into the ring. One of Bowe's men with a very "ZACK MORRIS" like cell phone starts pounding Golota's face. Golota's chubby senior citizen trainer Lou Duva shows how down he is for his boys and tries to fight off Bowe's entourage thus getting knocked out himself and leaving on a stretcher.

The riot continues on and on for several minutes. Unfortunately it does turn into a racial riot with the majority of the Polish Golota fans fighting with the African American Bowe fans all through out the Madison Square Garden. 

Now just to clarify a riot is not funny, especially a racial riot. In fact that is the complete opposite of funny that is wrong and sad and I pray that we can now be way past those days.

However what is funny, in still a very painful way, is seeing a man get hit in the nuts. The facial expression the man's face makes and seeing him incapacitated by that one perfectly landed blow to his groin.

To understand just how funny this was, you must multiply the funny by like 100 times since it happen in the world's most famous sports arena in front of a sellout crowd.

Then multiply that by another 1,000 because he does the same exact thing to the same man in the rematch months later this time with a one-two combo punch to both testicles. Thus again disqualifying himself from another fight that he was easily winning.

The number one rule of boxing is: Protect yourself at all times.

The number one rule of boxing Andrew Golota is: Protect yourself at all times...especially your testicles.