How Dare You Challenge Me, Mike Singletary

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

After being told that he is out of his GD mind for considering Michael Vick (no, not because he killed dogs…because he sucks!), 49ers coach Mike Singletary spoke before a crowd of season ticket holders:

“When I look around the NFL, I’m amazed by how many people have a dream and how few have a vision,” he said. "The difference is that a dream ends up being passive, accommodating disappointment. A vision captures the imagination. A vision is something that consumes you like a fire, won’t let you eat, won’t let you sleep until that vision comes to pass.”

That’s very deep, Mike—it’s good to know that you read Help Globe. And that is not the definition of “vision”. That is the definition of porn. Which is why I will never watch it.  Bah.

When asked about Jimmy Raye, the new coordinator, Singletary said this:

“Just watch. If you look on paper, I wouldn’t get excited about Jimmy Raye...But just watch. I challenge you to step back and see what happens right for the 49ers now.”

OK, I accept your challenge Mike. I can’t wait to see what happens now that you have a crap QB, crap WRs, a McBusty TE, and you for a coach.

Actually, I can guess what will happen. Tell me if I’m right. You will lose. Then you will lose again. Then you will lose your sh!t at a press conference once more and look stupid.  Then you will lose again. And then you will get fired.

Original image via The Wizard of Odds