The Minnesota Vikings Are a Few Steps Away

Caden McDonnelContributor IFebruary 20, 2009


I say it every year.


The Minnesota Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl. 


So far I haven't been right once.


But I'm going to keep the optimism going and say the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl in the 2009-2010 season. That is if we make the proper moves this offseason.


We closed out the 2008 season with a disappointing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card round. I had much optimism heading into the 2008 season. We had two very big offseason signings in Bernard Berrian and Madieu Williams. We had a young quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson who looked poised to do great things.


We also made a very crucial trade by getting defensive end Jared Allen from the Kansas City Chiefs for our first round draft pick and two third round picks.


Unfortunately Madieu got hurt early in the season. On the upside Bernard and Jared had huge seasons. Jared ended the season with fourteen-and-a-half sacks along with two others in our one playoff game. Bernard had 48 receptions for 964 yards and seven receiving touchdowns. One of them came against his old team, the Bears, on a ninety-nine yard connection from Gus Frerotte on Sunday Night Football.


All in all the 2008 season was a hint of what’s turning into a legitimate contender in the Minnesota Vikings.


I’m going to tell you what I think we should do this offseason. The first thing we should do is resign Matt Birk. The guy is arguably the best center in the whole league.


Secondly, we should let Darren Sharper go. He is way out of his prime and is running on fumes. We got a very talented young safety in Tyrell Johnson, who we drafted last year.


Now this is a must: we need to resign Heath Farwell. This guy is the core of our special teams. If you want to see what it would be like without him just look at last season when he was hurt the whole year, and we gave up seven returns for touchdowns.


Next we should give Adrian a big fat new contract. We absolutely need to lock this guy up so he is in Minnesota for awhile. That’s what I think we should do with the players we already have.

As far as free agency and trades go, I think this is what we should do.

Since Chester Taylor’s contract will be up at the end of next season, and the fact that free agency is very deep at the running back position, I think we should trade him. Preferably for a very solid number one wide receiver, which we lack.


Now I know this a very far-fetched, but if I was Zygi I would take a shot at Albert Haynesworth. We then could move Kevin Williams to the opposite side of Jared Allen, and have Albert and Pat stuff the inside. Now that’s what I would call the Purple People Eaters 2.0.


And now for the biggest problem for the Vikes: the crisis at the quarterback position. I think if the Cardinals let Kurt Warner go we lock him up no matter what it takes. The guy proved he can still play, and he might be the guy that could put us over the top. I really do not want Matt Cassell; he just has too much potential to be a Scott Mitchell-type of guy.


In the draft, I say we take Josh Freeman from Kansas State, a big, gifted athlete at 6’6'', 250 lbs. That’s only if we pursue a wide receiver via trade or FA. If we don’t, I would say we’d have to take a long look at Hakeem Nicks from UNC. A big body guy with amazing hands and average speed. Possibly the possession receiver were missing.


If they can get a solid quarterback and a number one wide receiver, the league better watch out. 


The Minnesota Vikings are only a few steps away from a Super Bowl.