Eddie Robinson: the Undisputed King of College Football

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IJuly 24, 2012

Eddie Robinson, legendary head coach at Grambling State.
Eddie Robinson, legendary head coach at Grambling State.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In the wake of the recent Penn State mess, Joe Paterno has been stripped of 111 wins (espn.com), thus making Bobby Bowden from Florida State University the all-time winner on the college football list.

What makes this so ridiculous is the continual and intentional oversight that "Eddie Robinson" from Grambling has the most wins of any coach in college football history.

Yes...the college football fraternity will often try to make the pitiful and poor distinction that Bowden and Paterno coached at the "Division I" level.  However, that contention has always been and will forever remain a bunch of nonsense that conveniently excludes Eddie Robinson from the conversation as the most prolific college coach in history!

What Robinson did at Grambling was nothing less than superb; given the fact that most of his players during the early years of his tenure could not get scholarships to major white institutions.  That being said,  most of the black players that made up the rosters of football powerhouses in the 1970s and beyond such as Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC and many others were the same players that played on Historically Black College Football Rosters prior to the roster integration of participating NCAA "Division I" institutions.

The fact that Eddie Robinson maintained a continuous winning record from year to year (while sending an abundance of "hall of fame" players to the professional ranks) should silence any critics that subscribe to the nonsensical beliefs that his players or teams were not of the same caliber as players from major white institutions.

Therefore, it is time to give Eddie Robinson his rightful due...not just by his "earned" place at the top of the list, but also give him the respect and acknowledgement that goes with the crown of being the most successful coach ever in college football.