WWE Raw 1000 Gives Us CM Punk the Reluctant Shakespearean Heel

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 24, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

Last night at the end of Monday Night Raw, we saw a story being told in the ring when it came to the defense of the WWE Championship by current Champion CM Punk. 

The Champion began the match with an offered hand shake, respecting his opponent John Cena as they began their battle for the title. Cena seemed to be somewhat surprised by the offer of Punk's hand and quickly tapped it rather than give a solid handshake and show mutual respect. The two gave a back-and-forth match as well as two men with completely different styles could. 

Punk's tactical and martial arts background played well against John Cena's brawling big man abilities. Trading kicks and punches along with takedowns and signature moves made the match an entertaining one until the interference by The Big Show.

With the referee being knocked down in the ring and falling to the floor, The Big Show took advantage and began his beatdown on John Cena, in retaliation for Cena's recent actions towards him. CM Punk watched from the corner as Cena took the beating. Hurt himself, his face showed the story of conflict: Should he help his opponent or allow the carnage to continue?

In an act of obvious internal pain, rather than assist John Cena, CM Punk literally turned his back on what was going on. But do these actions make Punk heel? How many times had Punk been in the ring being attacked by a foe and no one has come to his aid? It's possible he felt the match was over at this point and it was only a matter of time before a disqualification would end this bout.

But before the ref could get to the ring. The Big Show left, leaving Punk again with another decision that he did not seem to make easily. He pulled the ref in the ring, and after several moments of hesitation, he decided to pin the fallen Cena.

After the kickout, Punk's face told the story some more. He looked relieved; he knew now that he could continue the match against Cena, and the final attack would be his and not The Big Show.

But a Go To Sleep turned into an STF quickly changed that again. Big Show made his way back to the ring and caused a blatant disqualification. Punk, done with this debacle and frustrated with the outcome, left the ring to Cena and Show and their obvious unfinished business. 

The Rock's music hit, and the former champion came to the aide of Cena stopping Big Show and delivered a spine buster to the 500lb giant. But before he could complete his famous move of The People's Elbow, CM Punk decided to get involved.

In a classic display of Shakespearean drama, CM Punk looked down at his hands and looked at the symbolic blood on his hands. He knew what he had done, the path that he decided to walk, and he left, not pleased with his actions, clearly still at odds with himself and apparently not proud of his match.

While this match did not give the answers or results we would have liked, it did preface an even bigger story. The feud between Big Show and John Cena is hardly over, the answer to who is the best in the world (Cena or Punk) is still unanswered, and The Rock has found himself a new foe in the face of CM Punk.