Colt Brennan: The Next Tom Brady?

Martin SmithContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

OK, I know how in the past I have bashed Colt Brennan. But after watching him play for a few hours and studying his film, I began to like him.

Could Brennan really become the next Tom Brady?

That's a possibility.

If Brennan does become like Brady, the Redskins could be like the Patriots: a contender every year (except they don't cheat).

Doesn't that sound great? Yeah, I know I'm using the what-if factor. 

This factor probably doesn't count, but they were both sixth-rounds picks. If Brennan turns out like Brady, he'll compete with Tom for the greatest steal in NFL history. 

It would benefit the team a lot if Brennan was like Brady. They should start him and see how he does.

It certainly won't hurt because Jason Campbell isn't going to get the job done and Todd Collins sucks. The Redskins would compete with the Giants as the best team in the NFC and form a rivalry just like the Colts-Patriots rivalry. 

I'm not thinking that through right now because I have to leave in two minutes.

But basically I'm saying, "Can Colt Brennan become a Tom Brady?"