Please Stop the Franchise Tag Epidemic in the NFL

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

I realize that yesterday was the league deadline, but what the hell is going on with these franchise tags?

Was it really necessary to bombard us with crap like this all day and night?

“The San Diego Chargers placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Darren Sproles on Wednesday, virtually assuring that the speedy little running back-returner will be back next season.”

And crap like this:

“The Tennessee Titans slapped the franchise tag on tight end Bo Scaife on Thursday, just a couple of hours before the league deadline.”

And more crap like this:

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Max Starks received the team’s franchise tag Thursday—even though he isn’t guaranteed a job as a starter.”

Now watch me do this.

Franchise tags are for franchise players. Franchise players are athletes around whom the franchise can build the team. Darren Sproles, Bo Scaife, and Max Starks are not players around whom their respective franchises can build their team. Therefore, they are not worthy of franchise tags.

Did you see that?! Former SAT prep teacher who taught me nothing, are you reading? I just logically reasoned.

But really, somebody needs to put an end to this franchise tag endemic. Or epidemic. Or pandemic. Whichever is the worst. 

It’s like that rash that was going around in college. And then again three years after college. And then again...wait...I gotta go, just put an end to it!

Original image via Oropeza.