Boxing Knockout of the Day: Julian Jackson Viciously KO's Herol Graham

Ralph Longo@ IIIJuly 25, 2012

As boxing fans, we love knockouts. There's nothing better than a fight that ends with someone on the canvas. It's definitive and exciting, and there's absolutely no need to go to the judges' scorecards, which recently haven't exactly been the most accurate depiction of what's gone on in the fight. 

Looking back into the history of boxing, there have been tons of great knockouts. But this one is easily one of the better one-punch KO's you'll ever see.

It's Julian Jackson knocking out Herol Graham in a WBC Middleweight Championship bout that took place in Andalusia, Spain on November 21, 1990. 

Herol "Bomber" Graham, the challenger, was a very solid fighter—one of the best fighters in recent memory to never win a world title. He was constantly avoided by the top middleweights of his day. Graham was very technically sound, and he had good power and great hand speed. 

He was by all accounts a more than worthy challenger to Julian Jackson's title. 

The champion in this fight, Julian "The Hawk" Jackson, will forever be remembered as one of the hardest punchers ever to lace up a pair of gloves. Jackson has as many one-punch knockouts as anyone that's ever fought. He sports 49 KOs in 55 career wins, a KO percentage of nearly 90 percent. 

Simply put, Jackson could punch. And if you were in the ring against him, you'd better be sure to keep your hands up at all times, because if you let your guard down for even a second, Jackson was going to turn out your lights.

Graham actually got off to a terrific start against Jackson, clearly winning the first three rounds, sweeping them on the judges' scorecards. Graham was completely in control and appeared to be on his way to lifting the title off Jackson by giving him a boxing lesson.

However, everything changed in an instant. Just as he appeared to begin to dominate the fight, Graham threw a straight left, but brought his hand back too low. Jackson countered over the top and landed a right hook flush on Graham's chin. 

He was out before he hit the floor. His dream of capturing the title was over. 

But that's what makes boxing so great. You can lose round after round and turn things around in just one punch. Julian Jackson made a living out of doing just that, winning three world titles in his stellar career.

As for Herol Graham—well, he got to catch up on some sleep on that night in Spain.

But it was an awesome knockout, one that will be on boxing highlight reels for years to come.