Sting and Kurt Angle's Empty Arena Match: No Match For The Rock Vs. Mankind

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2009

I'll have to admit when it was announced on Impact that Sting and Kurt Angle would battle it out in a match with the arena totally empty, I was a bit intrigued. 

Sure the concept wasn't totally new but it was something that you don't see very often. 

The WWE did this back in 1999.  It was the Rock versus Mankind on a Superbowl halftime edition of Sunday Night Heat. 

I went back and watched the match from 1999 so that I could probably compare it to what we saw last night and I came to one conclusion.

There is no comparison. 

Well there are but I mean in terms of the quality of what we saw on television. 

First, was the matchup between Angle and Sting officially a match?  It was more like, "I'll meet you at ringside after the show and let's go at it!"

The Rock and Mankind actually had a match and it was for the WWF Championship! 

Both matches had the wrestlers come down to entrance music, but Angle vs. Sting had no referee which further gives me the impression that it was more like an impromptu street brawl.

Was it an unsanctioned match like Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon on Raw this week?

Unsanctioned, sanctioned, referee, or no referee it was a complete waste of time. 

If the sole purpose of the match was to have Sting and Angle challenge each other to a match at Destination X, why not just have one of them walk to the ring get on the mic and make the challenge. 

The "match that wasn't really a match" could have been avoided completely. 

Mike Tenay called Kurt Angle a machine during whatever the hell him and Sting were doing.  Well he must have been if he could fall 15 feet to a concrete floor and get up almost instantly to hit Sting with something that looked like a mailbox. 

I think they both did a poor job selling each other's moves. 

Also what's with TNA wrestlers having a fascination with killing each other?

Angle is going to kill Sting, Sting is going to kill Angle, Samoa Joe is going to kill everyone with his "nation of violence"—give me a break! 

Also, Angle had to call Sting "a son of a bitch" at least 16 times during a "thing" that lasted about seven minutes.  Sting being the good christian that he is refrained from such obscenities. 

Go back and watch The Rock vs. Mankind and you'll see pure entertainment. 

The Rock takes a break during the match to do commentary, he eats popcorn (that's too salty), eats salsa (that's too mild), and takes a phone call all while laying the smacketh down on Mankind's candy ass. 

What I saw last night was an attempt to duplicate that and it was a complete failure.