WWE: Four Reasons AJ Lee Will Work Really Well as Raw GM

David TurkelContributor IIIJuly 27, 2012

Being the GM is an intellectual role, right? Maybe AJ will start breaking out glasses now. (photo credit: northjersey.com)
Being the GM is an intellectual role, right? Maybe AJ will start breaking out glasses now. (photo credit: northjersey.com)

Do you like analogies? Of course you do! Everyone likes analogies. Here's one that's especially relevant after the events of RAW 1000:

AJ : Daniel Bryan : : Julia Roberts : The guys Julia Roberts ran away from in Runaway Bride.

The point of all of this is to say that AJ is definitely going to be the next Julia Roberts, and that multiple sources are reporting she's set to star in The Pelican Brief 2.

Well, not really, although I would definitely pay to see that movie. The real point of all this was to establish that the AJ/Bryan wedding didn't go as planned, as tends to happen with wrestling weddings. Instead of saying "Yes!" to Bryan, AJ accepted Vince McMahon's offer to become the general manager of Raw. 

Before anything else, let me say that the way AJ was transitioned into this role was poorly executed. There was no reason given for why AJ couldn't be Raw GM while married to an active wrestler. The only logical reason I can think of for this is that it creates a conflict of interest, but I'm pretty sure that, after walking away from him at the altar, we can't really expect AJ to treat Bryan fairly anyway.

There are plenty of other holes in this storyline (one example: we're supposed to believe Vince asked her if she wanted the job between her conversation with Layla in the dressing room and the wedding?), but the ends justify the means, and ultimately, AJ being the GM will be—or at least has the potential to be—very good for Raw. Here are four totally correct and bulletproof reasons why.


1) It's Something Different: Granted, something being "different" doesn't make it good on its own. If Dolph Ziggler stopped tucking his shirt into his tights instead of actually wearing it, that would be different, but I think I'd enjoy professional wrestling like 20% less.

Still, Raw has never had a young, attractive, charismatic, possibly crazy female general manager before. It raises some interesting possibilities, especially in terms of her interaction with wrestlers.

Remember how CM Punk spent at least ten minutes every Monday night making of John Laurinaitis while he was the GM? Well, what are the chances he does that to AJ?

I'm gonna say they're low for a lot of different reasons: she's a girl, she doesn't act like a jerk (at least overtly like a jerk), and I think there's a decent chance that she has a super-negative and angry reaction to it and starts trying to gnaw his arm off or something.

If you're wondering, these are all things that distinguish her from literally every past Raw GM.

Point being, having AJ as GM means that wrestlers that don't like the GM can't just use them as a punching bag, and wrestlers that the GM likes can't just the GM as a means to score title matches. Her character is too complex for things to play out that easily, and this complexity will probably make Raw more compelling.


2) Let's Be Honest, We're Going To Like Her No Matter What She Does: Okay, so I'll admit this is kind of related to the previous point, but they're different enough that I feel comfortable enough to put them under different headings.

Like I said before, AJ hasn't acted overtly like a jerk yet. You can certainly argue that she has in subtle ways, but there hasn't been anything blatantly offensive about her behavior. 

But even if she started acting like an unabashed jerk and turns into a completely horrible person, she's still probably going to have a good portion of the fan base on her side because she's so charismatic and engaging.

I can only speak for myself, but she could strip the tag titles from Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and put them in a handicap match vs. the entire roster for no reason, and as long as she skipped and smiled to the back after announcing this, I probably couldn't even pretend that her actions bothered me, and I would argue I wouldn't be the only one who felt that way.


Personally, I think having a charismatic GM is an important part of any wrestling show on television. They're inevitably going to get a big chunk of screen time, and theoretically, having a dull GM might turn viewers off, maybe even to the point where they stop watching the show entirely.

Granted, I have no evidence that the GM can have such a drastic effect on ratings, and it's very possible that I'm making a big deal over nothing. But at the very least, we can agree that it's a good thing that we're going to get more of someone we like on TV, right?

I'm certainly okay with it. I'll certainly enjoy watching AJ more than I enjoyed watching Michael Cole reading announcements off of a computer screen (but not more than I enjoyed watching CM Punk reading announcements off of a computer screen. That one time he got to do it was just a great moment for me).


3) Crazy Matches!: Well, probably not. We're still probably still going to have the same kind of main event tag matches and the same quick squash matches that we're used to.

But still, before the first edition of Raw with AJ at the helm, we can dream. Specifically because AJ is either acting crazy or trying to convince people she's not crazy, we can dream of having matches that are completely different than what we've come to expect from Raw.

I don't know, I just keep having fantasies where she comes out for the opening of next Monday's Raw, announces the main event as the Miz vs. The Swagger Soaring Eagle (making his long-awaited return!) in a dog-collar match, and then skips to the back without any explanation. Also, I think I would pay for any pay-per-view that had that match on the card.

But seriously, because of the way AJ's character has been developed, any match she books can be justified under the "Well, she may or may not be crazy" rule that I just made up. It would be kind of cool if the creative team took advantage by making Raw just a tad less formulaic. 


4) She's Still An Active Wrestler!: Or is she? Has that even been established yet? If having her married to a wrestler is a conflict of interest, I have to imagine her own career would qualify as well.

Still, let's just assume that she's still allowed to wrestle. We haven't been told that she can't yet, at least not to my knowledge.

So here's the thing: having a an active female wrestler as the GM is a great way to jump-start the Divas division and give it some relevance beyond the weekly minute-long match on Raw and the occasional magazine cover. Theoretically, AJ, as a female wrestler, would care about woman's wrestling, and therefore try to make it a bigger part of the show.

Of course, one could argue that making the Divas a bigger part of the show wouldn't be a good thing, and that's fair. Personally, I think that it would be nice to see women who ostensibly get paid to wrestle be able to do their job for an extended period of time on occasion. Furthermore, I think that an increased focus on woman's wrestling would provide a nice of change of pace. If nothing else, it would work towards making Raw less formulaic.

There are a bunch of potential story lines for the Divas division stemming from AJ being named GM. I'm not going to list my own poorly thought-out ideas here, mostly because I don't think anyone is interested in hearing them, but I stand by the assertion that there's a lot of potential there. It'd be a shame if it went to waste.