Steven Threet, Smart Man

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

“Those who stay will be champions” or so the old Michigan saying goes. Never before has it been so important; it’s basically all Michigan fans have left to cling to.

Facing multiple decommits and transfers, Wolverines NEED to believe that the whole thing isn’t a sinking ship (it is) and that Rich Rodriguez isn’t praying for a time machine that would take him back to West Virginia (he is).

Rumors are also swirling among MGoBlues that Threet and his family wanted a sit down with Coach Rodriguez to discuss Threet’s role at QB. Rod’s answer? He didn’t have any time since he was out recruiting. Can’t meet with your starting QB because you’re trying to find his replacement? Par for the course.

Unfortunately for Blue, Rodriguez is still the coach that started Nick Sheridan over Threet in 2008. Then, he kept going back to Sheridan throughout the season . Eventually, opposing defenses found that Sheridan was more qualified to be running the scout team than a real D1 offense.

Then finally, against Ohio State, he had to go with Sheridan. Steven Threet was the only thing that remotely resembled a playmaker for the Wolverines. In fact, he was the only thing that remotely resembled a quarterback in Ann Arbor.

Now, Rich Rodriguez has to choose between two freshman and Nick Sheridan. This, my friends, should be interesting.

Only an optimistic Michigan fan could see the Threet deflection as a positive. That crazy SOB would say it only means that Tate Forcier is the Messiah, son of God, reincarnated as a 6’0” 180lb QB from California.

He can turn a football into dove and fly it to the receiver. He can successfully lead a drive down the field without a turnover (something of a miracle in Ann Arbor these days).

He’s already made a connection with his WRs, they “catch everything I throw at them”, which is good during 7-on-7’s, but something Michigan receivers could not do in 2008.

But at least Michigan has depth at QB, right? David Cone? The aforementioned Nick Sheridan (who is still a walk-on)? Yikes. At least there will be Denard Robinson in the Fall, the incoming freshman who was promised to be Rich Rodriguez’s next Pat White.

That, or he can play slot receiver, because you can never have enough of them... And just for depth, there’s always “He’ll never be a QB at Michigan” Justin Feagin.

After a 3-9 season in 2008, 2009 was supposed to be a big year for Michigan. The Wolverines were supposed to rebound with “the pieces in place” and they “wouldn’t have square pegs for round holes”. Now, Michigan is left hoping that Tate Forcier won’t become the Big Ten’s next punching bag.

Those who stay will be…
The only ones left.
Replaced by freshman.
Will need to play defense, because we have no one.
Didn’t decommit for Tulsa.
Compared to West Virginia and Pat White.