Dwight Howard: Orlando Magic Reportedly Ready to Increase Efforts to Move Center

Tim KeeneyContributor IJuly 29, 2012

Dwight Howard may not be a member of the Orlando Magic by week's end. 

It's been entirely too long—almost a week...that's unheard of—since we've heard a Howard trade rumor, but with a new head coach in town, Orlando is reportedly ready to step things up on its side of the table.

The news comes from Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico:

With Dwight Howard reiterating his wish to be traded, multiple league sources predict  the Orlando Magic will again step up efforts to find their All-Star center a new team. 

Several of those sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Saturday they believe Howard could be traded by the end of next week.

Let's take a closer look at this development.


What It Means

In a word, nothing.

We've been hearing how close Howard is to being traded for the past year, or seven, but nothing has come of it. 

Anyone who has followed the Dwightmare saga is probably painfully tired of it by now, but I'm holding out the slightest hope that this rumor has legs.

Why? Because of Jacque Vaughn, that's why.

All past rumors came during a time when the Magic were coach-less, so with Vaughn now hired as the head man, there's a good chance he could/will push management to hurry up and finally make a decision one way or the other. T

hen and only then can he can start going forward with his own plan and vision without the appallingly circuitous uncertainty.

Or, at least that's what we can all hope. 


What's Next?

Simple: The Magic start reaching out to interested teams once again. 

With the Nets out of the running until January (that's when they could conceivably trade Brook Lopez), the Lakers will likely be the biggest target.

Howard has mentioned he would be willing to re-sign with the Lake Show, so now Mitch Kupchak and company just need to find a viable third team.

That's because the Magic haven't shown much interest in Andrew Bynum or anything L.A. has to offer, so a team like Cleveland or Houston—two organizations rumored to be involved in the past—would likely have to be part of the deal. 

No matter who gets involved, however, it sounds like you can expect this next week to be perpetually bursting full of fresh Dwight Howard news. No complaining, either. You got a week to rest.