Olympic Gymastics 2012: US Women's Team's 'Fab Five' Will Reclaim Gold

Amy StreiferCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2012

If you have been watching the women's gymnastics portion of the 2012 Summer Olympics, then it's been impossible not to hear about the "Fab Five." And fabulous they have been.

The group consists of five teenaged girls. McKayla Maroney of Long Beach, Calif., Kyla Ross of Aliso Viejo, Calif., Jordyn Wieber of DeWitt, Mich., Aly Raisman of Needham, Mass., and Gabby Douglas of Virginia Beach, Va. have been spectacular thus far in the Olympic games.

They all show tremendous skills, athleticism, maturity and great sportsmanship. This "fabulous" group have been the first gymnasts on the cover of Sports Illustrated since Mary Lou Retten in 1984.

There's no surprise that these U.S. gymnasts are such a huge hit. They dazzle and shine when they perform and they stand out among the rest of the competition with their incredible talent.

Each and every one of the girls is a superstar with their own personal talent. These gymnasts are predicted by some to be the number one team at the end of the day.

On Sunday, the team cruised through qualifying, and Douglas and Raisman advanced to the all-around final round.

They are playing fierce competition against teams like Russia, Romania and China, but if the "Fab Five" comes out with what they are capable of, they can easily win gold.

"It's a young team and a powerful team," national team coordinator Martha Karolyi said. "They're full of energy and they don't mind working to fulfill their dreams."

Besides the "fab five", there are also three alternate gymnasts available. These consist of Sarah Finnegan from St. Louis, Mo., Anna Li from Aurora, Ill., and Elizabeth Price from Coopersburg, Pa. Despite being backups, all three girls have the ability to compete at the highest level.

The "Fab Five" will be the gymnastics team to look out for during the 2012 Summer Olympics, and they will prove just how fabulous they really are.