WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Looking at the Past of the New GM Named by Vince McMahon

John KindelanAnalyst IIIAugust 1, 2012

from wwe.com
from wwe.com

Over on WWE.com they have announced the new general manager of Smackdown.

While there were several contenders talked about or advocated on social media sites, the one who walked away with the job is a bit of a surprise. 

Not it's not William Regal or Vickie or even former general manager Teddy Long, the new guy that will be running the show despite the hash tags and politics is six-time world heavyweight champion Booker T.

Booker, a Grand Slam champion, might only be known as a commentator to some younger fans but rest assured this man has earned his stripes and his seat at the head of the table.

Booker became famous as a tag team wrestler being a member of Harlem Heat with his brother Stevie Ray.

The two had a run for four years from 1993 to 1997, holding the WCW tag team championships numerous times. They are renowned as being one of the greatest tag teams of all time. 

Once Booker went solo in WCW, his stardom began to grow.

In fact, at the time of the WCW demise, Booker was both the WCW heavyweight champion and the United States champion at the same time.

He won the WCW title on the final episode of Nitro—the same one in which Shane McMahon showed up on the show saying he had purchased WCW.

From there Booker was a main character in the WWE in numerous fashions.

He was the lead in the Invasion and Alliance story that ran throughout the WWE.

He once again became the world heavyweight and tag team champion. 

In the aftermath of the Alliance story line, Booker T inserted himself at the pay-per-view event Vengeance, where he caused issues with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This resulted in him losing to Chris Jericho in the bouts that led to the first ever unification of the world title.

Shortly after, we got to see the funnier side to Booker T.

In 2002 he began tag teaming with Goldust and having very funny backstage antics.

The two had excellent comedic timing and this brought a great new dimension to Booker T, expanding his character even more. 

His run with Goldust would only last a year.

After that, for several years—2002 to 2006—we got a more serious Booker T.

He feuded with the likes of Cena, Big Show, Benoit and even The Boogeyman. Not until the King of the Ring Tournament would we once again see a comedic side to Booker.

King Booker was born in 2006 along with his wife Queen Charmell.

King Booker spoke with a slight British accent and would hold his pinky up when addressing the crowd.

The way in which he would say "King Booka!" was priceless. His heel-ish ways really excelled and he became a brand new legend all over again.

From 2007 to 2011 Booker left the WWE, doing work with TNA and even wrestling in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

When he came back the to the WWE it was at the announcers table.

Now, once again, Booker has re-invented himself.

Creating things like Bookers Fav Five and phrases like "Oh my goodness" and, of course, "Quack, quack, shucky ducky."

I mean come on, the man's a genius. 

Through all of his stints in WWE, one of my personal favorite works of Booker was his time spent on the reality show Tough Enough.

In a great moment of television history, Booker T the coach felt one of the contestants was being disrespectful to the other coaches and the industry.

He grabbed the contestant by the shirt.

He lifted him from the floor ripping his shirt to shreds and he uttered these words that shouldn't be forgotten. "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness."

He released the man's shirt and dropped him to the floor with such intensity in his eyes it made everyone in the room and those of us watching at realize the power of Booker T.

Booker clearly loves his job and the industry.

It has been rumored that he even has been in backstage brawls, most notably with Batista because of Batista's lack of respect for the company. 

What can we expect from Booker as the new Smackdown GM?

More tag team matches, a big push on his Fab Five, and definitely not a general manager that will be bullied by the superstars.

His interactions with Randy Orton should be fantastic, pitting Orton's cockiness against Booker's respect for the business.


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