Detroit Lions: How To Capitalize on Draft Picks

Benjy MillerContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Round 1

Just imagine you're the Detroit Lions. You just made history last year by becoming the first team to go 0-16. Let's just think about this logically. What are you really in need for?

Well, when you ask that, the first thing that pops into your head is probably one thing—everything.

If I were the Detroit Lions, I would pick up Michael Crabtree first. Why Crabtree? If anyone's asking, they obviously haven't watched any college football over the past two years. Crabtree is a smart pick. The Lions could use another excellent receiver next to Johnson and Crabtree fits the spot.

Round 2

So if you were smart, you picked up Crabtree. Now we have to worry about the quarterback situation. Obviously, they need a new one. But the question is, who? All of the top quarterbacks are probably already taken, so I would go with Crabtree's college quarterback, Graham Harrell. Why Harrell?

Well, I think he is just what the Detroit Lions need. The Lions need someone who is accurate. Harrell is very accurate and also has a heck of an arm. He has played with Crabtree for two years already. I think if you have Harrell, Crabtree, and Johnson on the same team, you will have a lot of passing yards, and maybe a win or two.


So, Detroit, think about this. Crabtree is the best receiver in NCAA. I think he could easily be top 10 quality next season, moving up every season. Harrell has one of the most accurate, powerful arms out of the NCAA.

Harrell and Crabtree last year were on the Red Raiders who went 11-2 (lost in the Cotton Bowl to Ole Miss) and third in the Big 12.

I think they will make big names for themselves in the NFL. But, hey—it's up to you.