NFL Training Camp: Matt Flynn Has Already Won the Seahawks' QB Competition

Joey RebbeCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2012

Hey guys, I won! Guys?
Hey guys, I won! Guys?Elsa/Getty Images

I'm here now to satiate your football appetite, and report observations from around the Internet that suggest that Matt Flynn is already the winner of the Seahawks' QB competition.

Now, as a caveat before I begin: there is no official word from Pete Carroll as to who has won the competition. But through subtle rotation adjustments, Carroll is betraying his eventual intention of naming Flynn the starter.

Throughout the past two days, Flynn has gotten more team reps than the other two QBs, according to 12th Man Rising, even though it hasn't been his turn to be the "starting" quarterback in the rotation.

Here's a telling quote from the link above that helps explain the situation:

"You have to look at the number of reps per rotation [...] Jackson would get 8 reps, then Flynn would get 9. [Next] time around Jackson got 10 reps, and Flynn got 12."

Keep in mind that it was Jackson's turn to be the "starter" for the day and get reps with the first team.

Now don't think that these adjustments are due to unnecessary haste by Pete Carroll. Flynn has earned his role as the starter, based entirely on performance. To further exemplify this point, let us break down Flynn's performance through each day of camp thus far through the eyes of dedicated Seahawk bloggers and writers, who have been attending camp.

Day one: Everybody is bad, but Flynn is the less of three evils.

This Hawk Blogger writeup pretty sums up the general attitude of all who witnessed the Seahawks on Day 1. Tarvaris looked exactly as you'd imagine; he put zip on the ball but held on to it for a few thousand years too long. Flynn was off the mark and made questionable decisions, but still demonstrated the best knowledge of the defense out of the three quarterbacks. Russell Wilson's height was an issue, and he couldn't see down the field. The outlook for 2012 was not good.


Day Two: Flynning!

One night and one day was all it took to see a night and day difference in Flynn's play. He was poised, and wasn't afraid to take deep shots down the field, according to Hawk Blogger. In addition, Flynn silenced armstrength critics the best way he knows how: by firing laser passes deep and down the seam, according to Field Gulls. As the Hawk Blogger put it in the link above, he appeared "nearly flawless." Wilson, on the other hand, threw interceptions and continued to struggle. Jackson continued to make a strong case for putting his picture next to the word "mediocre"in the dictionary.



Day Three: Carroll rewards Flynn

Monday was the first day that we saw a shift in the amount of reps each QB received. Hawk Blogger reports that in the first set of team drills, Flynn got twice as many reps (six) during team drills than either of the other QBs. Keep in mind that Flynn was the third-stringer in the rotation that day. The level of QB play was the most improved overall this day, but Flynn was the clear leader of the pack. Russell Wilson appeared to settle in the pocket, making throws with more confidence today as well. But the gap between Flynn and Wilson is still quite significant. Ultimately, Flynn won day three as well.



Day Four: The Rotation trend continues

Flynn had the best passes on day four as well, according to Field Gulls. He continues to throw with anticipation. As Hawk Blogger put it, Flynn "is seeing receivers that are on their way to get open and putting the ball where they will be." At this point, Flynn leads all Seahawk quarterbacks in brains, pre-snap reads, post-snap reads and accuracy. He is mobile in the pocket and can throw on the run well. Those who questioned his arm strength have little ground to argue now. He gets the ball from point A to point B accurately and quickly, and can throw down field with great touch. For right now, Flynn has swept the competition away.

Ultimately, Flynn's past few days of dominance have put this competition away. Carroll may choose to wait a few more weeks to name him the winner, but rest assured that the man is playing as we expected him to, and more. Once Wilson improves his QB vision and gets over his rookie mistakes, then we might have a real quarterback controversy next year.