Ryan Westmoreland: Red Sox Prospect Epitomizes What Is Great About Baseball

James MorisetteCorrespondent IIIAugust 3, 2012

Photo: Providence Journal
Photo: Providence Journal

In life, all people are bestowed certain gifts, or talents. And all people endure hardship to varying degrees.

In Ryan Westmoreland’s case, he was blessed with an incredible wealth of baseball talent. Yet this highly touted Boston Red Sox’ outfield prospect has also been dealt seemingly impossible cards by the powers that be.

Westmoreland, 22, has undergone not one, but two separate surgeries on his brain stem to kill life-threatening malformations. According to Joe McDonald of ESPN Boston, Westmoreland’s first surgery occurred in March 2010.

From McDonald:

[Westmoreland] had to relearn simple, everyday tasks. His family and doctors were more concerned with his quality of life than a potential return to baseball, but Westmoreland progressed to the point where he was able to face live pitching in December 2011 in the Dominican Republic.

An amazing recovery in its own right.

Sadly, on July 13th the Boston Herald reported Westmoreland had to have a second surgery “to fix a complication to a cavernous malformation on his brain.”

Fortunately, Westmoreland’s surgery went well. And now, he begins the second round of rehabilitation.

Again, for Westmoreland the road will be long—and days will be difficult.  

But if Westmoreland’s Twitter account is any indication, this young man harbors faith he will overcome the cards dealt, en route to snatching victory from defeat.  

“God doesn't deal cards to people that can't handle them,” Westmoreland wrote on his Twitter window to the world after his first surgery.

“He pulled me through again, & batting 1.000 in brain surgeries,” Westmoreland Tweeted again after his second surgery, this time flashing a great sense of humor to match his faith.

A tough question, will Westmoreland ever play baseball again?

The answer to this is anyone’s guess.

Only Westmoreland’s inner circle knows just how much this guy's second surgery has set him back from realizing his dreams of becoming a major league baseball player.

But if there is anyone with the faith, strength and determination to regain full form, it is Westmoreland.

In a world sometimes driven by sensationalism and wild editorializing, stories like Westmoreland’s are enjoyable to say the least.

More so, Westmoreland’s warrior will to reach his dream epitomizes all that is great about baseball.


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