TCU Football: Starting QB Casey Pachall Admitted to Occasional Drug Use

David PersonsContributor IAugust 4, 2012

Casey Pachall
Casey PachallSarah Glenn/Getty Images

It seems that just when TCU was getting ready to head into the bright new world of the Big 12, the nasty offseason has reared its ugly head again.

A story in the Fort Worth Star Telegram states that TCU starting QB Casey Pachall also admitted occasional use of marijuana to Fort Worth police during its investigation, and subsequent arrest, of his roommate Tanner Brock last winter.

While this report concerns something that happened in February, the full official reports were just released to the public this week. Pachall also admitted to failing a single regular periodic team drug test on Feb. 1.

Pachall's drug use was deemed by the police to be experimental and not serious enough to warrant his arrest, and it is believed that he has not used drugs at all since the infamous February drug bust in Fort Worth.

While drug use is something that is always to be discouraged, Pachall's lack of deception and honesty with police probably kept him out of jail and on the team.

TCU issued an email statement which said that "We try our best to educate our students about making wise choices, and that is why we have policies and educational programs in place to help guide them. Students are subject to disciplinary action if they violate any part of our code of student conduct." We can hope that TCU will handle this situation with the same integrity it handled things in February.

Unlike Brock, D.J. Yendry, Devin Johnson and Ty Horn, Pachall is not accused of selling or giving drugs to anyone, just occasionally experimenting. Many college students experiment at some point with something, and apparently Pachall has learned his lesson, TCU has apparently dealt with it pretty severely internally, and it is done.

Let's hope he stays off of them in the future. TCU has always been a class act, and Coach Patterson's handling of this situation is one more example of that class. It is dealt with, over with and done - now comes the Big 12.