McKayla Maroney Still Marketable Despite Not Winning a Gold Medal

Scott CarasikContributor IIAugust 5, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 05:  Silver medallist Mc Kayla Maroney (L) of the United States, gold medallist Sandra Raluca Izbasa (C) of Romania and bronze medallist Maria Paseka of Russia pose with their medals during the medal ceremony following the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Vault final on Day 9 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on August 5, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

McKayla Maroney missed out on winning a gold in the vault by falling and settling for a silver. However, she still has the same marketability she had before the fall.

Maroney has made it known that she would like to be an actress someday, and her athleticism could mean that she would be able to do her own stunts. She also has an amazing personality and smile, two things that will make her extremely marketable as an actress and endorsement queen.


Her Athleticism

Obviously, this is her biggest strength. She can win gold medals in the vault and other gymnastic events. So her athleticism, and her look because of it, will be a huge boon for whomever wants to bring her in either in acting or in endorsements.

If she truly wants to be an actress, her athleticism will allow her do be able to do her own stunts and have a unique ability when trying to film action scenes. Her all-around athleticism and flexibility could lead her into action movies.


Her Smile

Her smile is one that is infectious, yet at the same time dubious. She looks like she is plotting something in every picture ever taken, and it's something that could be marketable for her. She's not going to be on Corn Flakes like Gabby Douglas, but she could be the "bad girl" of the Fab Five.


Her Personality

She has a fun, guileless personality that makes her very easy to relate to. She also knows how to carry herself as a professional. One thing that is easy to notice is that she is a fierce competitor and when Izbasa won, she looked numb. 

When looking through pictures, she always tends to have some sort of smile on her face that is mischievous. Her ability to always have the look like she is up to no good could make her an ideal villain or even an anti-hero on the level of a Wednesday Addams.


McKayla Maroney lost because she fell on her butt. However, she is still the best in the world on the vault. The future is still definitely bright for the 16-year-old from California. She will only grow her brand after London to become one of the most marketable gymnasts—all because she fell on her butt.


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