Olympic Medal Count 2012: China Will Surrender Lead to US on Day 10

Scott CarasikContributor IIAugust 6, 2012

Tinsley could win gold for the US in the 400 meter hurdles
Tinsley could win gold for the US in the 400 meter hurdlesStu Forster/Getty Images

China currently holds the lead over the US in the Olympic medal count. However, the US will take the lead back in London on Day 10 with the emphasis on track and field and wrestling.

China doesn't have the same kind of talent as the United States in the track events. The United States also has a ton of talent in wrestling and will look to compete with Russia there more than China. China does very well in shooting, but the Americans have a ton of talent there as well. 


Track and Field

In the women's pole vault, there are at least two women who can hit the 4.55-meter high bar from the United States. This looks to be the spot where the best pole-vaulter in the world will be decided from. Meanwhile, the Chinese don't have a qualified pole-vaulter.

The same applies for the men's 400-meter hurdles competition, which the United States could sweep with three legitimate medal contenders in Michael Tinsley, Kerron Clement and Angelo Taylor.

In the women's 3,000-meter steeplechase, the Americans have two solid competitors for a medal. Once again, the Chinese don't have a qualified athlete for this event. Emma Coburn is the best American hope for a medal and looks like she will end up as the bronze medal winner.



While the US and China have both had competitors in the trap, neither one of the countries look to be in the running for a medal. The same goes for the 50-meter rifle, where it's shot from three different positions. 



Ellis Coleman gives the US a legitimate 60-kilogram medal contender here. The Chinese haven't qualified for the 60- or 84-kilogram weight class, while the US has a long shot in Charles Edward Betts for a medal in the latter.

The 84-kilogram weight class looks like something that won't yield a medal for either country. In the heavyweight division, the Chinese and Americans both have a medal contender, but the US wound up with their own Dremiel Byers earning the bye in the 120-kilogram competition.


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