WrestleMania!!! One Night That Leads To Life Memories

Paul RiveraContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

WRESTLE MANIA is the pinnacle of wrestling today, and not just for the wrestlers but for the fans as well.

I have been to one WRESTLE MANIA and I will never forget it, which is why I suggest that anyone reading this must go to one if possible.

I attended WM21, and I can still see the Undertaker taking on Orton, Kane's Pyro burning the ladders while he entered the MITB ladder match, The legends that were being applauded for the first time since becoming inducted the night before in the Hall of Fame, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin appearing on a special Piper's Pit that led to a couple of stunners.

I truly felt like i was a part of wrestling history, along with all my fellow Fans that were there, and i hope all of you get to one day experience this feeling as well. And for those of you who have been to one please comment on your memories.

Thank you for reading and please leave me comments on my article if you liked it or not. This is my first of many to come, and I would like some constructive criticism.