Wisconsin Football: Badgers Alternate Uniforms for Nebraska Game Are Atrocities

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterAugust 6, 2012

Photo via official Wisconsin Football Facebook page
Photo via official Wisconsin Football Facebook page


No, no, no, no, no.


This is Wisconsin's actual uniform for its game against Nebraska. It's on the Badgers' Facebook page and everything.

Let's be as direct as possible: This uniform is ugly. Purely ugly. That old-style "W" looks kind of cool on a helmet in its own way, but okay, keep it on the helmet. Throwing a giant "W" right on the front of the uniform just makes Wisconsin look like some generic team on one of those unlicensed video games from like 20 years ago. Team W represent!

Moreover, if Adidas is going for the "retro" look with the old "W," it totally ruins it by using the bland, modern-ish numbers in the upper right. If you're going to use numbers that lack personality (which, on football uniforms, is not necessarily a bad thing), at least don't make it a blaring anachronism by cribbing the Steelers' number font. Just go with the standard uniform style. It's okay. 

This is a trend, though. And it's got to stop. It was all right with Michigan, because that still looked quintessentially like a Michigan uniform—and the giant letter on the front at least had some novelty.

Then the Nebraska alternate uniforms came out, and everyone rightly balked. Team N represent too! Team N vs. Team W! Who's your favorite player in that game? Mine is either N RB Player or W LB Player!

But this? This is an accomplishment. It manages to be both boring and a mess. It's derivative of something other than the uniform it's ostensibly based off of. It seriously might be the worst alternate uniform in college football this year, and if it's not, it's only because Nebraska's is worse.

That Wisconsin-Nebraska game can't be over fast enough. Once it is, we can agree to never mention this dark day in sartorial history again.