Usain Bolt: World's Fastest Man Won't Repeat in 200-Meter

Alex OttContributor IAugust 7, 2012

Odds are good a Jamaican will win the 200m, but which one will it be?
Odds are good a Jamaican will win the 200m, but which one will it be?Julia Vynokurova/Getty Images

Usain Bolt may have gotten his groove back after setting the Olympic record in the 100-meter dash, but don't expect a repeat when he approaches the starting line in the 200.

Bolt qualified fifth for the semifinals, once again behind fellow countryman Yohan Blake.  And while the opening round is by no means a tell-all of what will happen in the semifinals or finals, it marks the second consecutive time that Blake finished ahead of Bolt.

After the 100-meter final, it's a guarantee that Blake will be seeking revenge on his flashy, confident teammate.

At 19.80 seconds, Blake outraced Bolt by 0.03 seconds for the fastest time of 2012, and his career best is only 0.07 off of Bolt's personal record set in 2009.

Other competitors who could surpass Bolt include Christophe Lemaitre of France, Wallace Spearmon of the United States, Weir Warren of Jamaica and Churandy Martina of the Netherlands, all of whom have recorded times under 20.00 seconds this year.

And while the world is getting faster, Bolt seems to be slowing down in the 200. He's nowhere near his 2008 Beijing form, while Yohan Blake is just starting to hit his prime. The Jamaican Trials proved that Bolt is human, and now the field is determined to prove that he's no longer golden.

Surely the field of competitors is tired of watching Bolt strike his infamous "To Di World" pose after his victories, but will one step up and leave their own mark on the track?

If there was ever a time to beat Bolt, it's right now. Yohan Blake left him vulnerable, now any of the 15 other non-Bolt runners have the opportunity to finish him.

If I were a betting man, I'd say it's finally time to pick the field over Usain Bolt.