WWE News: Konnan Sounds off on WWE Not Giving Undercard Talent Opportunities

Voodoo MagicSenior Analyst IAugust 8, 2012

from rottentomatoes.com
from rottentomatoes.com

With all the news of different WWE performers sounding off on the miserable state of the undercard/midcard-guys like Zack Ryder and JTG, a new voice (one that has always been somewhat critical of WWE) has joined the mix: Konnan.

Konnan, who briefly performed in WWE as Max Moon (and actually taught Bret Hart the Sharpshooter) and made his name in both WCW and in TNA, had this to say on an episode of MLW Radio (reported by Wrestlezone):

"They need to make more stars, dude. We talk about this every week. I don't know why they don't, why they haven't. They've always been behind the curve, so has wrestling in general. That hurts a lot. I have a lot of ideas of how you could change it to make it cooler, but who in that company could do that Stone Cold gimmick or that Rock gimmick? They don't have anybody and then on top of that, they're not giving enough time to make new stars."

"It's always the same guys over and over and over. It's like, alright, those guys are already stars, let's make new ones. I don't know if any of those guys are stepping up though and saying look, I've got a great gimmick, let's go with it. It just doesn't seem like it. They just don't have those big stars there and they're not making new ones like they should."

You have to admit, Konnan has a point here.

I know that JTG and Ryder, among others, have echoed these sentiments. It is time to make new stars in WWE, and this is not a problem that is endemic to WWE just right now. Over the past several years, WWE has rarely given new guys a chance to stick by either giving them an interesting gimmick or letting them pitch an idea for a gimmick.

I know that it seems like there hasn't been any effective new talent added to the roster over the last few years, but let's look: Sheamus is the World champion, Daniel Bryan is a huge star, CM Punk has raised himself to a new level. Guys like Ryback and Brodus Clay are getting over with the crowd. Damien Sandow looks like he might be the next big thing to step up and make a name for himself.


Also, let's not forget that of these classic gimmicks like The Rock and Stone Cold, both guys were originally midcarders who were given the opportunity to create their own gimmick and run with it; both got hugely over. John Cena, let's not forget, started freestyling on a bus ride one day and Stephanie McMahon overhead him, thinking that he was really good and telling him that he would be doing it on TV (and we all know how that turned out).

So why shouldn't WWE start letting the new guys try some new things? They could even have a separate booker in charge of trying to elevate undercard/midcard performers (maybe like Finlay or Road Dogg). Who's to say that if WWE were to give JTG some time and a chance to get himself over he might not make some noise?

Especially with Raw now being three hours, there's plenty of time to try some new stuff in the middle of the show. Worse comes to worse, you get rid of it and move on.

Thoughts? Who do you think are some underused guys that could maybe get themselves over?