New York Jets Should Draft Kenny Britt in Second Round

Eric RogersContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

Kenny Britt, the wide receiver from Rutgers, will be an excellent pick for the Jets in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft.

The 6'3", 218 pound receiver had a good combine performance and proved he is worth the pick.

The Jets already have Laveranues Coles, who makes a good Yards After Catch receiver, and Jerricho Cotchery, who is a good possession receiver, but what they do need is a tall receiver who the QB can throw down the field to and expect a reception.

Jumping over defenders to make catches is not exactly something Jets' current receivers do with ease.

The receiver who can do this is Kenny Britt. He is tall and has a 37-inch vertical jump, which allows him to get high in the air, over top of defenders, and make the catch.

He could also be the physical receiver the Jets need as well. He uses his body to block off the defender, and did 23 reps in the bench press at the combine (second most for wide receivers).

With QBs who don't have much experience—i.e. Clemens and Ratliff—they could use all the help at WR that they can get.  This will make it easier for the QBs to get more experienced and get more comfortable throwing the ball in regular season games.

Yes, I know Clemens played some regular season games in the '07-'08 season, but he had no time in the pocket to actually step back, plant his feet, and throw it—you can thank our messy O-line for that.

He never really had the experience to play a regular season game behind a good line—one that actually allows some throwing time—like most good QBs do.

What I am trying to say is that with our newly upgraded O-line, it will be a whole new experience for Clemens, one from which he can surely benefit.

Kenny Britt is the type of receiver we need, and he would be a steal for the Jets if they get him in the second round.