Francisco Liriano's Future Looks Bright

Ken minnesota fanContributor IFebruary 24, 2009


The face of Minnesota's pitching is back!

Francisco Liriano is back for a full season and feels better then ever.

After missing the whole 2007 season and part of the 2008 season with an arm injury which led to Tommy John's surgery, Liriano will be starting a full length season. He is making sure he can come back to his old self, and arguably better, by working as hard as ever during spring training.

To be as ready as possible he has decided not to participate in the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic, but instead he has decided to stay in camp for this season.

After having a Rookie of the Year and potential Cy Young award winning season in 2006 before the surgery, Liriano seams to be wanting more this year. With a full season, people are expecting a handful of wins, a decent ERA, a Cy Young potent WHIP, and possibly an All-Star selection.

By God, I believe he can make all this possible and so does the Twins organization, the Twins Territory of Minnesota, and maybe even the whole Country.

But most of all, the person that believes in Francisco Liriano the most is Francisco Liriano.