TNA Hardcore Justice: Preview and Breakdown of the Knockouts Championship Match

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2012

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Aug. 12, 2012

Hardcore Justice

TNA Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher



Madison Rayne; former two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion and three-time Knockouts Champion. At the young age of 26, it seems as if Rayne has already accomplished it all in TNA.

She holds the record for the second longest reign as Knockouts Champion in TNA history, and knows how to rule with an iron fist.

Ever since Lockdown in 2011, this self-proclaimed “Queen Bee” has taken a mighty fall from her throne. She quickly becoming irrelevant, as Knockouts such as Mickie James, Winter, Velvet Sky and Gail Kim surpassed her in the division.

This “Queen” would then play as a lackey for VP of the Knockouts, Karen Jarrett, and face of the Knockouts division, Gail Kim.

Rayne has taken quite a fall among the ranks of the TNA Knockouts, but she knows what it takes to get back on top. She always seems to have a trick up her sleeve and, in this case, it’s a referee.

Since revealing a crush on senior referee, Earl Hebner, Rayne has noticed a nice amount of leverage and victories come her way. One of those wins being a No. 1 contender’s match.



For weeks, Madison Rayne has been teasing everyone with this “crush” that she has. Garett Bischoff and Devon were mostly hinted at throughout several weeks. Turns out, Rayne has a crush on Earl Hebner!

With her crush revealed, more wins have been going Madison’s way. Hebner has made some questionable calls to rule in favor of his “girlfriend”.

Madison seems to be using Hebner to get to her ultimate goal: Become Knockouts Champion and “Queen Bee” of the division once again.



Brooke Tessmacher did what no other Knockout could do. At Slammiversary, Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to become the new Knockouts Champion and, in the process, ended Kim’s record-setting reign as champion.

Tessmacher has been riding a wave of momentum ever since. She’s beaten Kim, Mickie James, Velvet Sky and Tara.

Tessmacher has been an underdog, pulling out constant upsets and shocking victories over more experienced opponents. Madison doesn’t have as big of an experience edge as Kim or James did, but she does have something neither Knockout had against Tess; a crooked referee.

We’ve seen Tessmacher pull out big wins, but none involving a biased referee. Hebner is the wild card here and, if he’s in charge of this match (and most likely will be), you can count on him to favor Madison like we’ve seen in the past.



I’m not expecting a five-star classic. I don’t think this match will be better than Kim/Tessmacher, but for someone looking to get their fix of female wrestling, it should be worth checking out.

With Tessmacher still in the early stages of her reign, and Bound For Glory getting closer, it’ll be interesting to see the end result of this match.

Will Tessmacher get screwed over by Earl Hebner? Will Tessmacher still manage to retain even with a referee working against her? Tune into Hardcore Justice live, August 12, on pay-per-view! Also, be sure to stick around Wrestle Enigma for more TNA Hardcore Justice match breakdowns this week.

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