John Calipari Can Get Andrew Wiggins Committed to Kentucky Basketball

Paul AblesContributor IIIAugust 11, 2012

Will Andrew Wiggins become a Wildcat? / Courtesy of Elite Daily
Will Andrew Wiggins become a Wildcat? / Courtesy of Elite Daily

The nation's best basketball recruit is a high-flying wing player who can do it all on the court. He possesses a great frame that allows him to drain threes over shorter players while also banging around in the paint. His motor is on at all times and he attacks the rim with a potent mixture of grace and strength.

This player is also a high school junior.

Andrew Wiggins is the top-ranked prospect in the 2014 class but has already established himself as the premier all-around basketball player in the country, regardless of age. That is saying a lot, considering how loaded the 2013 class is at all positions.

Five-star phenoms such as Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker have scouts salivating at their talent and potential, yet none of them are at the superstar level of Wiggins.

He is poised to become the next Carmelo Anthony or Anthony Davis of college basketball, which means there are plenty of suitors lining up for a chance to nab Wiggins. One of his early favorite schools is the University of Kentucky and it is imperative the Wildcats land the next transcendent talent in college hoops.

When it comes to recruiting, no head coach does it better than John Calipari. He has always landed commitments from some of the nation's elite players, including last year's group of Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Marquis Teague and Kyle Wiltjer.

Calipari has been on Wiggins' short list from the very beginning of his recruitment. It is obvious that he badly wants this kid's signature on a Kentucky letter of intent. Therefore, he needs to pitch some of the following ideas to Andrew in order to land his commitment.

First of all, Cal needs to take his jewel-studded 2012 NCAA Championship ring and let Wiggins try it on.  At this point, Calipari has more recruiting prowess than ever as he is coming off of his first national title, while restoring the Kentucky program to the pinnacle of college basketball.

Andrew Wiggins is an extremely competitive player and has always been a winner in high school, so he can be easily impressed by the school's recent championship run.

If that is not enough to sway Andrew, Calipari can point out the immense success this recent high-profile recruits have garnered in college and in the NBA. Anthony Davis just completed arguably the most decorated single season in college basketball history.

John Wall was chosen first overall in the 2010 NBA Draft and is a rising star in the league. Brandon Knight and Josh Harrellson led their team to the school's first Final Four appearance in 14 seasons and are now playing in the NBA as well.

It is in Andrew Wiggins' best interest to attend a school that can take full advantage of his talents. Calipari has compelling evidence that no other university does that better than Kentucky.

With that being said, there are other top-flight basketball programs who have similar championship pedigrees. There are other elite programs that have developed top-flight talent into college winners and successful professional players as well. Kentucky might be the best school at that right now, but these are certainly not exclusive traits to Lexington.

Therefore, the final topic Calipari must stress to Andrew Wiggins is the unique features and benefits of playing for the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Fortunately for John, Kentucky has those in spades.

Wiggins would have the chance to play in front of the largest home crowd in the nation. Rupp Arena has led the nation in college attendance on and off for decades, including last season's championship run. If Andrew desires playing in front of the most passionate and devoted fanbase in America, he should look no further than the house that Rupp built.

Committing to Kentucky would also make Wiggins part of the most storied tradition in college basketball. It is a fact that no other college program has won more games or won at a higher percentage than the University of Kentucky. Kentucky also leads all schools in NCAA tournament wins, Sweet 16 appearances and Elite Eight appearances.

Kentucky has won eight national championships, second most all-time. Meanwhile, their 15 Final Four appearances are good for third all-time. Coming off of the heels of two consecutive Final Four runs and a national title, Wiggins could be part of one of the most historic multiple-season runs the school has ever had.

When it comes down to it, Andrew Wiggins has plenty of great reasons to play for the Kentucky Wildcats. However, he also has great reasons to play for North Carolina, Duke, Kansas or any other program in which he feels most comfortable.

Therefore, Calipari must convince Wiggins that playing for the Wildcats is in his best interest as a college player and an eventual NBA star. Calipari has helped countless players accomplish both of those goals during their time at Kentucky and he hopes to add Andrew Wiggins to that list soon.