WWE News: FCW and NXT Diva Sofia Cortez Released by WWE

Voodoo MagicSenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2012

from sescoops.com
from sescoops.com

So much for new talent being injected into WWE's women's division.

According to Wrestlezone, Sofia Cortez (real name Ivelisse Velez) has been released from her contract:

Former Tough Enough contestant Ivelisse Velez was recently released from her WWE contract. Ivelisse had been working down in FCW under the name Sofia Cortez since November of 2011, and had recently made appearances on the brand new WWE NXT, even defeating WWE Diva Natalya by countout. This release came as a surprise to many, including some within WWE. 

This is complete stunner, at least to me (and, apparently, to many in WWE).

Cortez was one of the best female workers in FCW and has been getting a nice little push in NXT; she has good promo skills and is excellent in the ring, not to mention the fact that she fits WWE's, well, "visual requirements" as well.

But now she's gone, on the heels of Kharma's stunning release. That's two outstanding talents—both of whom could have given WWE's floundering women's division a shot in the arm and even some legitimacy—gone from the company in quick succession.

Now, it's clear that—despite the fact that it seemed like WWE was trying to improve the quality of women's wrestling—we were all victims of yet another swerve by the powers that be. Maybe I was wrong when I wrote a while back that there might be a new wave of female wrestlers coming in to save the Divas.

Maybe the signings of Buggy Nova (now Skylar Moon in FCW), Sara Del Rey and the eventual rise of talent like Paige, Raquel Diaz and others means that WWE's attempt at restructuring the Diva's division is not totally off.

However, the release of potential superstars like Cortez and Kharma means that this process is not going to be a smooth one; even AJ's rise into the role of Raw GM is a mixed blessing, as she is getting a lot of exposure on WWE TV (which she deserves), but she will not be able to perform as an active performer on a regular basis (which is too bad).