San Francisco 49ers Preseason: Week 1 Notes

Philip GreylingContributor IIIAugust 13, 2012

The 49ers run game was unstoppable
The 49ers run game was unstoppableThearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I attended the 49ers first preseason game of the year, and here are a few thoughts.

Alex Smith doesn't need to throw the ball. The 49ers running game was that dominant in the preseason opener. And Frank Gore didn't even start.

Brandon Jacobs converted a 4th-and-1, something the 49ers couldn't do last season which is why they brought in Jacobs.

Colin Kaepernick has improved since last preseason, but I still didn't see an NFL ready quarterback on the field. Kaepernick showed off his athleticism by running for a 78-yard touchdown. But he also relied too much on his athleticism, taking off at the first sign of pressure.

I would of liked to see Kaepernick hang in the pocket longer before relying on his legs. He also was guilty of staring down his receivers, and almost threw an interception to A.J. Jenkins when he telegraphed his pass.

Jenkins performance was like what we've seen in training camp. Flashes of a first-round draft pick and flashes of being a project, as in his preseason debut he made an impressive 17-yard sideline catch, but dropped two passes.

The 49ers have to figure out how to keep Scott Tolzien on the roster. He went 10 of 13, but one of his drives resulted in a first down.

It's too soon to tell but Alex Boone's presence could fix the right side of the offensive line.


Kyle Williams, whose two fumbles cost the 49ers the NFC Championship, received a mix of boos and cheers when he was on the field to return a punt. He responded by returning the punt for 22 yards. The crowd responded with a roar.

Though Perish Cox recorded an interception, he also was beat in coverage multiple times, including a 28-yard reception to Kerry Taylor, and was outperformed by Chris Culliver, his competition for the nickel position.

Overall this wasn't the most revealing preseason game, as the first stringers didn't play that many series. I would of liked to see Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, as the wide receiver position was the biggest question mark on the roster going into the season.

Check back in next week to read my analysis on their upcoming game against the Houston Texans.