HBO's Hard Knocks in for Worst Season Ever After Dolphins Release Chad Johnson?

Robert TheodorsonSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2012

With the recent arrest and subsequent release of Chad Johnson, aka Chad Ochocinco, is the HBO series Hard Knocks set for its most boring season to date?

Almost completely devoid of controversy, drama and overall interesting characters, one of HBO's best original series is in jeopardy of being almost unwatchable.

Really, how do we go from the boisterous Rex Ryan and his New York Jets to the hapless Miami Dolphins? The difference between the last season of Hard Knocks with the Jets and this season is like the difference between Seasons 1-5 of The Sopranos and the absolutely horrid two-episode finale of Season 6.

In the first episode we saw almost no storylines of intrigue other than top prospect Ryan Tannehill's contract holdout, which lasted for all of 10 minutes. The fact that Tannehill pales in comparison to to the first two overall picks in Andrew Luck and RG3 just adds to the fact that this season could be the worst in the show's history.

We may get some brief drama from Johnson's release, but other than that, what do we have to look forward to now?

Reggie Bush? Maybe if this was 2006 and the Dolphins actually had a chance of competing for a Super Bowl. 

Jake Long is a franchise player and former first overall pick, but the chances the cameras are aimed on an offensive lineman are slim to none. 

Head coach Joe Philbin looks like he might be in a little over his head, and unlike Rex Ryan or Marvin Lewis, he is going to have an extremely hard time forming relationships with his players—or even his personnel, for that matter. No, the leftovers from the Jeff Fisher sweepstakes are not going to cut it, not for viewers who are used to the high quality of seasons past. 

The reality is that the show's crew needs to aggressively go after former Canadian Football League star Cameron Wake. The All-Pro is the team's most exciting player, and while he has a calmer personality, it's apparent he's ready to become the leader of this young Dolphins squad. 

If you got the same feeling I did about the season thus far, you're thinking that HBO probably made 29 phone calls before picking the Dolphins. 

Those who are looking for a memorable quote along the lines of Ryan's snack quote are going to be sorely disappointed.

While there might be some comic relief in one of the NFL's worst general managers, Jeff Ireland, in this regard it is better to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised if something watchable happens. 

Since we have been robbed of the opportunity of seeing a meddlesome owner like Jerry Jones, Stephen Ross is going to need to call on his celebrity minority stake owners to make appearances—or else.