Tim Tebow Overdose: ESPN Hits Rock Bottom with Birthday Celebration

Matt SheehanAnalyst IAugust 15, 2012

Hey, did you hear?

No, I'm not talking about how New York Jets second string quarterback Tim Tebow is adjusting in New York. Slow down there, I am not referring to what Tim Tebow looks like in the Wildcat offense and, no, I am not speaking of what he had for breakfast this morning, either.

Wait, you didn't hear anything that has something to do with someone other than Tim Tebow? Well let's flip the channel off of ESPN, shall we?

The whole summer ESPN and their premiere show, SportsCenter, have been talking about Tim Tebow more than grandparents talk about their newborn grandchild. Just as you think the coverage on a second-string quarterback on a borderline playoff team was too overbearing, you wouldn't believe what was aired on ESPN's news show Tebow Power Hour yesterday.

If you watched just 10 minutes of SportsCenter on Tuesday morning you would instantly know that it was Tebow's birthday. If you watched the whole episode, odds are you were singing "Happy Birthday" to Tebow in your head. If you were lucky enough to not waste your time on creepy and irrelevant coverage, Deadspin compiled a video of all the Tebow-ness that went down yesterday.

And, yes, that is Sage Steele calling Tebow's birthday breaking news at the end of the montage. That's right, birthdays are breaking news apparently, so expect your dad to spit out his coffee the next time you announce it's your birthday, because you are shocking the whole world.

Don't get me wrong, I think Tebow is a great guy and a wonderful role model for today's youth, but even he has to be creeped out by this coverage, right? I mean, even Tim Tebow doesn't think this much about Tim Tebow.

Need facts to prove he is over-covered? Oh, my friends, I have facts for you.

According to Deadspin, Tebow was mentioned more than any other athlete during the first week of the Olympics. Tebow hailed in first with 65 mentions throughout the week, and second place was Michael Phelps with 38 mentions. What was Phelps even doing that week, anyway? I'm not sure, but probably something less important than what a second-string quarterback was doing in training camp.

We have Chad OchoCinco Johnson getting arrested, NFL referees hammering out negotiations, and dozens of other huge NFL storylines for Tuesday, but America gets the shaft with ESPN's surprise birthday party. It's fine, though; at least they cherish every other meaningful quarterback in the league when it is his birthday, right?

Wait, they don't? Tom Brady didn't get segments dedicated to his special day? The Manning brothers didn't have anyone from "The Worldwide Leader" put on a party hat for them like Herm Edwards did for Tebow? And no one baked a cake for Drew Brees like ESPN did for their special Timmy? (And, no, I'm not lying about that last part.)

So does Tebow get way too much coverage on ESPN? Sure, we all knew that, and if you didn't know that you obviously weren't really watching that channel. What happened on the station hit an unquestionable all-time low. Within years SportsCenter has turned from highlight show to a program where you get spoon fed bias stories, non-expert-but-he-played-the-sport opinions, and Tebow coverage.

Lots and lots of Tebow coverage.

Well, I hope Tim Tebow enjoyed his birthday, and I hope his creepy wanna-be parents at SportsCenter did, too, because I can assure you just about nobody else did.