Madden 13 Player Ratings: Most Puzzling Quarterback Ratings

Benjamin J. Block@BenjaminBlock21Correspondent IIAugust 15, 2012

Madden '13 drops in stores August 28, 2012
Madden '13 drops in stores August 28, 2012

With Madden '13 set to release Tuesday, August 28, football fans and video game purists everywhere are starting to exercise their thumbs in anticipation.

For me, Madden's release just serves as a reminder to us older "kids" that the days of Tecmo Bowl are long behind us. 

Madden has become one of the most beloved video games of all time and this year's version should not disappoint.

With that said, we need to take a look at some of the player ratings, specifically the questionable and puzzling quarterback ratings of this season.


Tony Romo: 90 overall

Ranked at No. 9, Tony Romo and his rating of 90 overall makes you scratch your head a little bit. One clear reason why it's puzzling is because he is one spot better than Michael Vick, who is in at No. 10 with an 89 overall rating.

Really? Romo is better than Vick? 

Even though it's only a one point difference, most would argue that Tony Romo is not a better quarterback than Michael Vick, digitally speaking or in real life. Vick is a game-changer and that is one characteristic that you can't say about Romo. 

Romo reminds you of that athlete that we have all played with or against at some point. You know, the one who has a lot of good traits, but is definitely over-hyped, and missing that "it" factor.

Romo has always been a Madden favorite for years though, so maybe that had something to do with him being in the top 10?

Philip Rivers: 92 overall

Moving up the quarterback list, we have Philip Rivers. With Rivers at No. 7, Madden researchers are subsequently saying that he is better than Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo, and Michael Vick.

This doesn't make sense, were they even paying attention to the season that Rivers had last year?

In 2011, Rivers had a career high in both interceptions and fumbles. Since he has surpassed 4,000 yards passing each season since 2008, his Madden rating has overlooked his poor 2011 numbers and ranks him higher than where he deserves.

Video gamers will quickly see that River's inability to scramble in the game will nullify his high rating of 92.

Cam Newton: 89 overall

Occupying the No. 12 spot in Madden '13 is Carolina Panther phenom, Cam Newton. This is the biggest head-scratcher of all. 

All Newton did in his first NFL season in 2011 was win rookie of the year, record the most passing yards for a rookie in a season, and set the most rushing touchdowns for a quarterback in a season.

Newton put up more impressive numbers than a lot of the guys ahead of him but it looks like Madden has given higher ratings to quarterbacks with similar numbers and more years experience under the belt.

How do you give an awareness rating of 74 to Newton when the kid showed tremendous awareness and decision-making? Doesn't it take awareness in order to rush for touchdowns as a quarterback, and set the single-season record in doing so?

It looks like Newton's 89 overall rating is a result of a little rookie hazing by Madden '13.

These three quarterbacks were given the most puzzling ratings, but all in all, Madden '13 seems to have been pretty accurate in their assessments for quarterback ratings.

You won't have to wait too much longer, on August 28, you be the judge.