Liverpool FC: Who Should Start as the Striker in the New-Look 4-3-3?

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIAugust 16, 2012

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 09:  Fabio Borini of Liverpool celebrates scoring the opening goal during the UEFA Europa League Third Round Qualifier between Liverpool and Gomel at Anfield on August 9, 2012 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool have gone from having an obvious choice up front in Fernando Torres, to having a painfully pleasant problem in not knowing who should go where up front. Brendan Rodger's new look side will be based around midfield, leaving space for one main striker. Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy have already been shown the door, leaving Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez and Fabio Borini scrapping for the striker spot.

Providing Andy stays at the club (and I hope he does), Brendan Rodgers is going to leave two players disappointed, unless he deploys the front three of LW: Suarez, Striker: Carroll, RW: Borini. This front line is certainly possible, and I expect to see it more than a few times during matches this season.

But what if Rodgers decides otherwise? What options does he have?

A fair few.

He could play Suarez on the left, with Borini up front and a winger (in all probability Stewart Downing). This option goes down well with me. Suarez and Borini looked to have a telepathic understanding with the midfield in the last games, thus increasing the likelihood of successful "Tiki Taka" tactics being deployed. 

He could also play Suarez up front, with Borini outwide. Both players can play through the middle and outwide, opening up options for Rodgers. It is likely, however, that Borini will play up top as Suarez seems to be a menace on the wing anyway. 

So, these options seem to lead towards Carroll on the bench.

Unless he plays up front. He won't play on the wing. I cant imagine Carroll beating a full back with a sudden turn of pace to be quite honest. 

So, the question is narrowed down to Borini or Carroll.

Borini is young, exciting and still developing. As is Carroll.

Carroll is a good finisher, with a rocket of a shot. The same can be said for Borini.

So, as we can't say for certain whether Carroll can play in the new look Liverpool side, the question's answer is directed towards opposition. Carroll is a typical number nine, the give-me-the-service-and-I will-get-on-the-end-of-it kind of player, whereas Borini is much more accustomed to free-flowing football. 

This obviously suggests that Carroll, who prefers a game with little rhythm and lots of crosses and dead-ball situations, is likely to play second fiddle to Borini, who is much more in sync with the rest of the side.

So, Borini over Carroll is my suggestion.

But that doesn't mean Carroll is to be rendered useless. My advice is this. For games where keeping the ball is difficult, where fouls are plentiful and the front three get frustrated, have Carroll start.

Mix it up. Be unpredictable.

Start Carroll in cup games, Europa, FA and League. Keep him playing regularly.

The question can now be directed to you. This was my input, what's yours?

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