Are the New York Jets Helping the Miami Dolphins More Than Themselves?

Eric RogersContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

Every Jets fan knows about the breaking news.

Wide receiver Laveranues Coles has restructured his contract and is now an unrestricted free agent.

If he signs with another team, we will get $6 million more to use toward our cap salary limit. But this is not worth the chance that the Dolphins may get Coles.

Hey Jets, if you want to do yourselves a favor, put Coles on the market and get something like a third round draft pick. They may not get the money but they have control of where he goes, and I'm pretty sure they don't want him to go to a team they play twice a year.

In 2007, the Miami Dolphins went 1-15. The one factor people left out was that Ronnie Brown was injured and only played seven games.

So, in the offseason, the only offensive position the Dolphins didn't need was a running back.

Then the draft comes along and the Dolphins draft Jake Long an OT (something the Lions may want to do, instead of drafting Matt Stafford, but I digress). So this help stabilized their O-line. But the Dolphins still lacked a QB and a stud WR.

Here is when the Jets came in and got Brett Favre, dropping Chad Pennington. Who picked him up? Oh yes, Miami.

Thanks to this stupid mistake the Jets, the Dolphins had now found someone to fix the gap in their offense. Pennington helped stabilize their passing game and had a great year throwing it to adequate wide receivers, whom he never played with before.

If we let them get Coles—a receiver better than anyone the Dolphins currently have, and someone whom Pennington has played with all of his career—the Dolphins' passing game will be even better than it was before. It would be a huge threat to the Jets' 29th-ranked passing defense.


Last year Pennington, this year Coles, who is next? Keller? Jones? Do the Dolphins have a good FB? If they don't, maybe we could give them Richardson.

If the Dolphins do get Coles, I wouldn't be surprised to see them get far in the playoffs. I mean, they got the wild card spot this year when their best receiver was a still-developing Ted Ginn Jr.

Coles on the team would not only be a threat on the field making plays, he could also act as a mentor for Ginn Jr. and make him become a better receiver.

This would not be good for the Jets, the Bills, or the Patriots, or any other team that has to face Miami next year.

The sad part is that Coles has a lot of reasons for joining Miami. They are a better team (at least record-wise), he will have his good pal Pennington back, he gets to experience a whole new offense, and it is a hell of a lot nicer there than in Jersey.

If the Dolphins offer him a contract deal, expect him to accept it.

Please, Jets, don't make the same mistake you guys made last year. This is the same situation, except the only difference is they don't get an elite player to replace who they lose.

I am sure teams like the Eagles or Giants that lack a solid WR would be willing to trade a third-round draft pick for Coles. Jackson is good but he is still developing in Philly, and the Giants could use Coles more than, say, a third-round draft pick.

Bottom line: I don't want to see Coles wearing a Dolphins jersey.