James "The Sandman" Irvin vs. Houston "The Assassin" Alexander

James WerdermanContributor IMarch 14, 2008

"Oh my god....did you see that?...."

That's the unanimous reaction that I envision will take place after James "The Sandman" Irvin takes on Houston "The Assassin" Alexander April 2nd.

When the introductions are completed, and the referee instructs the fighters to go at it, it will be like two mac trucks full of 100-year-old dynamite colliding.

There is no doubt that this fight will end with a KO, it's just a matter of who comes out on top.

I applaud the UFC for putting this matchup together. Having two fighters known for their devastating punching power and gifted athletic agility is a recipe for success.

There is no way this fight can be boring.

Irvin is coming off an unusual win at UFC 79 where he was actually knocked out by an illegal knee from Luiz Cane, thus earning the fighter a win.

Alexander is coming off an unimpressive loss at the hands of Thiago Silva. The Assassin was riding two impressive knockout victories before being punched into a referee stoppage in the first round at UFC 78.

This match-up is big for both fighters, who are trying to solidify their place in the UFC.

I would predict that Alexander, the more popular fighter, will have the crowd in his corner. This fight will generate electricity in the air and bring people to their feet.

The key to victory for Alexander are rather simple: Stick to the game plan.

Admittedly so, he did not stick to the game plan in his last fight. He looked uncharacteristically passive and lacked the extreme aggressiveness that made him a fan favorite and earned him two, quick knockout victories.

For Irvin to come out on top, he will have to realize that patience is not a virtue in this fight, and he will have to come out swinging for the fences.

Irvin has enough power and athletic ability to defeat Alexander.

Either fighter can come out on top with a single punch. I think the bout will come down to what fighter wants it more.

And I think that in the end, I can promise you one thing: This will be the fight of the night.